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  • Netflix’s new comedy series Neon follows three friends from a small town in Florida as they pursue their dreams of becoming reggaeton stars in Miami.
  • The teaser showcases their determination to reach new heights, despite starting in a cramped car and facing skeptical agents.
  • The series features guest stars like Daddy Yankee and high-profile executive producer Shea Serrano, known for his successful off-screen journalistic and literary career.

The next generation of reggaeton is here with the first teaser for Netflix’s new comedy series Neon. Co-created by bestselling author Shea Serrano and Max Searle, the series follows the escapades of three friends from a small town in Florida who pursue their dreams of becoming stars in Miami. They shoot for the moon in this first look at the show, working together to reach new heights, meet big stars, and, hopefully, earn enough to at least pay their rent.

The trailer begins with a vision of wild parties and massive stages in Miami as the three friends resolve that they won’t be some “loser wannabes.” That vision quickly fades and reality sets in – their home is a cramped 2009 Toyota Corolla far from the bright lights of Magic City, but their dreams are big. Santi, the artist of the trio who can write, produce, and perform his own music, plans to be the biggest reggaeton star in the world, even if it gets a few laughs from the agents interested in him. No matter where he ascends to or the parties he works his way into, Santi loves his friends Ness and Felix and brings them along for the chaotic ride toward stardom. To them, it’s their destiny to reach fame together.

Before the trailer wraps, a final comedic scene introduces the show’s high-profile executive producer and guest star – Daddy Yankee. In reality, and in the show, the Puerto Rican rapper is hailed as the “King of Reggaeton,” making him the model of success for Santi and his friends to follow. He’s just one of several major guest stars appearing in Season 1, joining Genesis Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Jhayco, Santiago Cabrera, and Jowell of reggaeton duo Jowell & Randy.

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Who’ll Pursue Their Reggaeton Dreams in Neon?

Tyler Dean Flores leads the cast of Neon as Santi while Emma Ferreira plays his manager and friend, Ness, Jordan Mendoza embodies Felix, and Courtney Taylor plays Mia, an A&R representative interested in signing Santi. This marks the second team-up for Flores and Serrano as the Falcon and the Winter Soldier actor recently led Miguel Wants to Fight which Serrano co-wrote. Zack Fox and Villana will also appear in the series. A series about Reggaeton needs good music and the show managed to land Grammy Award-winning reggaeton producer Tainy, Lex Borrero, and Ivan Rodriguez, collectively known as Tainy & One Six to produce and write original tunes. Joe Rodriguez and Javier Nuno of Indice are also on board as music supervisors, with the former promising there will only be “bangers” on Neon‘s soundtrack.

Neon‘s co-creators have their fair share of comedic chops and other experiences to bring to the table. Serrano’s on-screen resume includes creating the sitcom Primo and the aforementioned Miguel Wants to Fight, but he’s better known for what he’s done off-screen. He’s a seasoned journalist mainly working for Grantland and later Bill Simmons‘s The Ringer, and he’s published multiple books including three titles in a row that have become New York Times number one bestsellers –The Rap Year Book, Basketball (and Other Things), and Movies (and Other Things). Searle, meanwhile, is best known for writing and producing episodes of Dave “Lil Dickie” Burd‘s hit FXX sitcom Dave and The Ranch starring Ashton Kutcher and Sam Elliot.

Neon premieres on Netflix on October 19. Check out the trailer below.

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