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  • Rick and Morty‘s highly anticipated seventh season is set to be the darkest chapter yet, with episode titles full of puns related to pop culture.
  • The upcoming season is part of a historical renewal from 2018 when the show was greenlit for 70 new episodes after Season 3.
  • Rick and Morty seems to be moving towards a more cohesive narrative, as Rick seeks revenge for the death of his former family while protecting his new one and potentially saving the multiverse.

It’s almost time for the highly anticipated release of the seventh season of Rick and Morty. The dynamic duo of a troubled inventor and his grandson is making a comeback, in what very well could be the darkest chapter of their story. Adult Swim has revealed the titles for the episodes of the upcoming seventh installment and, as always, they’re full of puns related to pop culture. Naming the chapters in such a style has been a tradition ever since the series began, whether seems to be related to the plot of the episodes themselves or not. Over the course of a decade, the team behind the successful series continues to come up with creative puns. Season 7’s episode titles include, “How Poopy Got His Poop Back,” “The Jerrick Trap,” “Air Force Wong,” “That’s Amorte,” “Unmortricken,” “Rickfending Your Mort,” “Wet Kuat Amortican Summer,” “Rise of the Numbericons: The Movie,” “Mort: Ragnarick,” and “Fear No Mort.”

The upcoming seventh season will be a part of a historical renewal Rick and Morty received all the way back in 2018, after the impressive success the third season established for the show. As one of the biggest renewals in the history of scripted television, Adult Swim commissioned around seventy more episodes, allowing Dan Harmon to continue exploring his creation. While the announcement didn’t mention exactly how many seasons the show would produce due to technicalities, it was assumed that we’d be getting seven new seasons given how every prior season delivered exactly ten adventures.

While Rick and Morty has mostly stayed away from a linear plot, it looks like the series is starting to focus on a single, cohesive narrative. After spending decades looking for the variant of his that took the life of his wife and daughter, Rick Sanchez from Earth C-137 has apparently found his nemesis again, and he won’t accept another escape. With the help of his grandson, Morty, Rick will do everything that’s in his power to avenge the death of his former family, while protecting the life of the new one he found. The clock is ticking for the titular characters, and the fate of the multiverse might be at stake.

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‘Rick and Morty’ Has Yet to Reveal Who’s Replacing Justin Roiland

Following domestic violence charges, voice actor Justin Roiland was fired from all Adult Swim projects including Rick and Morty. The actor had brought the duo to life since 2013, but his reported lack of professionalism and the damage he had caused to people outside of work made Adult Swim and Harmon decide they would continue the story of Rick and Morty without him. A replacement (or replacements) for Roiland hasn’t been announced yet, but with the new season quickly approaching its release date, more information should be coming soon.

You can check out the entire episode title announcement below, before Rick and Morty returns on October 7:

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