To win an audience with the Crimson Fleet’s leaders in Starfield, you’ll have to complete a deadly race filled with monsters called the Red Mile.

The Red Mile area in Starfield hosts a dangerous and illegal race that your character must complete to gain an audience with the Crimson Fleet leaders for an important quest. Part of the “Deep Cover” mission, this is the first step toward infiltrating the Fleet. Although relatively straightforward, the monsters that appear during the race can be challenging to overcome without the right tools.

Before participating in the Red Mile race, speak to NPC Adler Kemp, who claims he will be impressed enough to contact the Fleet if you do well in the high-speed competition. Make sure to gather plenty of supplies once you sign up since there will be no opportunities to gather resources during the race. The massive open world of Starfield will have to wait while you dash through this sci-fi setting at top speeds.

How To Finish The Red Mile Race In Starfield

Starfield Red Mile Raceway that Players have to Finish for

There are two ways to finish the Red Mile Race: defeating all the monsters along your path to clear your way forward or avoiding any beasts altogether. Throughout the race, you will be attacked no matter what route you take, but some directions have fewer enemies in Starfield. Those who decide to take on every foe must contend with many creatures, including a much larger boss monster in the middle.

Defeating monsters can slow you down, which might encourage some racers to take a path clear of enemies. At the start, stay to the left while racing toward the beacon and stay on the right on the route back after collecting the beacon. You can avoid the larger boss monster by staying on the above two paths and do not have to beat the creature to cross the finish line here in Starfield.

One of the best resources to keep track of while avoiding the monsters in the Red Mile race is your Jetpack Booster Capacity, which allows you to perform boosts in speed to stay clear of these enemies.

Avoiding enemies is more challenging than facing them head-on since they get to attack you all at once as you pass by. Stock up on Med Kits and manage your Stamina well to move through the race without much trouble. Characters who have earned enough experience to be high enough level in Starfield may have a higher Stamina for this to complete the Red Mile Race.

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