One of the missions seen in Starfield has your character try to infiltrate a dangerous organization for the UC SysDef called the Crimson Fleet, a group whose trust must be earned by completing several quests. You will have to do the dirty work issued by the Fleet’s leaders to gain their full trust while being undercover. Thankfully, there are ways to trick the members of the Crimson loyalists without betraying your morals.

The “Deep Cover” quest that requires your character to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet comes from taking the Vanguard oath ad in Starfield. Traveling to the MAST district in New Atlantis lets you start this mission by impressing an NPC named Adler Kemp to gain an audience with the Fleet’s second-in-command, Naeva Mora. This meeting will be set up after you finish the Red Mile Race, a challenging event filled with monster combat.

How To Infiltrate & Spy On The Crimson Fleet In Starfield

Starfield Crimson Fleet Base you have to Infiltrate for Long Mission tied to UC SysDef Group

After speaking to Naeva Mora, you have to finish missions for Delgado, the leader of the Crimson Fleet, before you can truly be initiated into the faction. Many of these side quests are short and straightforward, with tasks in Starfield that take little time to complete. However, the most important quest given here, named “Rook Meets King,” tests your tolerance for the Fleet’s cruelty at the risk of exposing your connection to UC SysDef.

The quests given by Delgado also give your character money and experience similar to other missions found in the main story of Starfield. Keep track of the rewards you earn from these missions that could help you in the final task connected to the Crimson Fleet.

One of the missions offered by Delgado has you hunt down an individual named Austin Rake, a traitor to the Crimson Fleet. You can either kill Rake or convince him to turn himself over to the UC SysDef. Unlike some of the other heinous choices to make in Starfield, persuading Rake is usually the better option since you can tell Delgado he’s dead, aid the UC SysDef, and keep the support of your companions.

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Reporting back to Naeva will force you to lie about Austin’s fate if you manage to convince the traitor to turn himself in to UC Sysdef. Depending on how you built your character, this could be relatively easy or very difficult. Those who manage to deceive the Crimson Fleet’s leaders will earn their complete trust, allowing you to infiltrate the group for UC SysDef in Starfield.

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