• The Last of Us 2’s attention to detail has gotten even more impressive thanks to a new community discovery.
  • Fans have noticed that enemy NPCs have interesting tattoos on their hands, showcasing a glimpse of humanity in the game’s grim world.
  • The game’s brutal and realistic actionconveys the harsh environment the characters live in, but subtle details like these tattoos add depth to the experience and cause players to reflect.

One player stumbled upon an unexpected realistic detail while playing The Last of Us 2. The subtle detail adds a layer of immersion to The Last of Us 2’s bleak post-apocalyptic world and has likely gone unnoticed by many gamers.

The Last of Us 2 was considered by many to be a controversial sequel due to its narrative. That being said, the title’s gameplay remained a highlight that received widespread praise from gamers and critics alike. Combining the intense and realistic combat encounters with the shrewd and adaptable enemy A.I. resulted in a thrilling gameplay experience. Beyond that, The Last of Us 2’s world is also full of small details that can greatly contribute to player immersion.

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Thanks to some pictures posted on Reddit by user MadHanini, surprised gamers found out that there are some enemy NPCs in The Last of Us 2 who sport interesting tattoo designs on their palms and the back of their hands. Among the symbols shown in these tattoos are a great white shark and a spider weaving its web. Apparently, the intricate body art can be found on the hunters and bandits from The Last of Us Remake, as well as on the Rattlers from The Last of Us 2.

The Last of Us 2‘s action is undoubtedly brutal, as the game isn’t afraid to present violence in a realistic and gory way. Fierce shooting action, gruesome executions, and savage melee combat all depict the harsh and merciless environment in which the characters dwell. While a player might quickly become desensitized to all of this in the quest for Ellie’s revenge, it’s the subtleties like the tattoos adorning the NPCs’ hands that offer a glimpse of humanity in this grim setting. By sprinkling details such as this into the game, it feels like Naughty Dog intended for players to reflect on the humanity of even the game’s most intimidating foes – something that would certainly suit the themes of TLOU 2.

Even though The Last of Us 2’s single player experience is unquestionably immersive, many gamers also desired a multiplayer mode similar to that of The Last of Us. While that never came to pass, Naughty Dog is working on a multiplayer standalone spin-off set in The Last of Us‘ zombie-infested world. With the latest success of the hit HBO show based on the franchise, it seems like this is the perfect moment for a multiplayer game set in the same captivating universe.

The Last of Us 2 is currently available on PlayStation 4.

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