• World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore has proven to be a brutal one-life experience, with nearly 100,000 characters dying within the first day.
  • The top causes of death for Hardcore players include Kobold Miners, Wendigos, falling damage, PvP, and even Voidwalker Minions.
  • The Mak’Gora Duels to the Death have been a fan-favorite feature, with players hosting life-or-death tournaments and one player winning 15 duels in a row.

World of Warcraft just revealed the statistics for its first brutal week of Classic Hardcore. This gruesome data shows some of the best details taken from its inaugural week, including some of the most common causes of death for World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore characters.

On August 24, World of Warcraft officially launched its Hardcore realms for its Classic Era servers. These one-life realms feature several tweaks to the Classic WoW formula, including the inability to revive after dying and the incredible Mak’Gora Duel to the Death system.

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A week later, World of Warcraft has shared some entertaining statistics that revealed the gory details for the Classic Hardcore realms. One of the highlights from this data is the top five causes of death for Hardcore players. Kobold Miners in Elwynn Forest and Wendigos from Dun Morogh have killed many, but falling damage and PvP has proven just as deadly. Hilariously, Voidwalker Minions also made the list–likely from WoW Classic Hardcore duels against Warlocks and from the pet itself pulling too many enemies and getting its master killed.

Within the first day of Hardcore Classic, nearly 100,000 World of Warcraft characters died. After a week, that number has grown exponentially, with the average level at character death sitting at 10. Humans are the most popular race chosen by players, with less than half as many choosing Night Elves or Undead instead. Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, and Mage are the most popular classes, while Shaman, Paladin, and Druid are the least-played on the Hardcore servers.

Of all the features in Hardcore Classic, the Mak’Gora Duels to the Death have been a favorite. Droves of players have already held life-or-death tournaments using the system, and many hope it makes its way to Retail WoW servers eventually. According to the data, the highest-level character lost to a Mak’Gora so far was at level 40, and at least one player has won 15 of these duels in a row at the time of the post.

Fans of Hardcore Classic got a kick out of these World of Warcraft stats. The infographic got hundreds of reposts, thousands of likes, and over 300,000 views in just a couple of days. Some fans were shocked that so many players died in a 20-year-old game, while others who remember how easy it was to die in Classic WoW were much less surprised. Regardless of what kills a Hardcore Classic character, however, World of Warcraft fans agree the only thing to do after losing is to go again.

World of Warcraft is available now on PC.

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