Players will encounter a wealth of side quests and missions in Starfield, all of which will test certain facets of their character’s skillset. Most of these quests will force players to make difficult decisions for the most favorable outcome, which can be difficult to determine at the time.

One of the early missions players can complete is called “Back To The Grind“, and tasks their character with completing an application and interview to become an employee at Ryujin Industries. Here’s how to succeed in this pursuit of employment and how best to deal with any consequences of joining one of Starfield‘s more morally ambiguous companies.

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How To Succeed At The Application Stage

The “Back To The Grind” mission begins when players walk past one of Ryujin Industries’ kiosks, from which they will hear the machine encouraging them to join their corporate ranks. To get the process underway, the character will simply need to approach the kiosk and fill in the employment application form.

Despite the extensive questioning that occurs during this process, there are no right or wrong answers in the application. In fact, the player’s responses have no impact whatsoever on the result. The main difference is how the interviewer will conduct their questions, so opting for the least flattering responses will be met with some humorous skepticism.

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How To Succeed At The Interview Stage

Imogen from Ryujin Industries during Starfield's Back to the Grind mission

Players will need to travel to Neon to partake in their interview, which will require that they first obtain a player level of five. After meeting the receptionist and being directed to Imogen’s office, players will meet the Ryujin representative, who is far from enthusiastic about having to conduct the interview. As was the case with the application, the player’s responses have no impact on the outcome.

Imogen is disinterested as she is conducting the interview in the absence of her colleague, so the space explorer will be offered the job, even with the most lackluster responses. As their first official job with Ryujin, players will need to head to Neon’s Terrabrew coffee shop to pick up the order for the senior executives.

How To Deal With Tomo

Just when the mission appears to be relatively uneventful, players are confronted by a disgruntled former employee of Ryujin, who appears to have been replaced in the role the space explorer has taken. There are two possible outcomes when Tomo pulls a gun on the player; Tomo can be talked down and the situation can be defused, or the matter can be escalated and result in the former employee’s demise.

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Once again, the outcome of this confrontation is of no consequence to Ryujin and will result in Imogen giving the player a promotion to junior operative for handling the situation. So when it comes to dealing with Tomo, it is down to personal preference. However, bear in mind that if there is an active companion, the decision could impact how they feel about their captain.

Starfield is now available on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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