The Challenge fans want to enhance the show’s format, and they’re sharing ideas online. After running for 38 seasons, the series has gone through countless format changes and production overhauls. Comparing current seasons to the original concept of the show, which revolved around taking competitors solely from The Real World and Road Rules, it’s easy to see how much the series has evolved since its first season in 1995. Some fans believe that the glory days of the show are in the past, and a few viewers are brainstorming, wondering how to get the series back on track.

The most obvious change to the formatting of the show since its original concept is the move away from only casting competitors from The Real World and Road Rules. Fans have been holding out hope for a Real World reboot to revitalize The Challenge, but since The Real World’s cancelation in 2019, there has been no confirmed reboot. This forces The Challenge to widen its casting pool, now including shows like Big Brother, Survivor, and Love Island, when bringing in new Challengers. While certain contestants from those shows have become Challenge champs, quite a few have disappointed longtime fans.

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Fans Feel The ‘Glory Days’ Of The Challenge Are Over

Taking to Reddit, Challenge fans pitched in their own ideas for revitalizing the show, suggesting new casting decisions, and a change to the weekly competitions and overall tone. In a thread started by user u/OldPaleontologist768, many longtime viewers of the series agreed that changes need to be made in order to bring back the higher quality of old seasons. The discussion comes at a critical time for the show, as The Challenge is losing viewers. Fans have expressed feeling frustrated with the direction of new seasons, specifically stating that production doesn’t take into account the opinions of dedicated fans.

Former Challenge Champs Now Struggle In The GameTJ Lavin on the Challenge: Ride or Dies season 38

The Real World and Road Rules are both defunct, and many of their original stars have aged out of an extreme physical competition like The Challenge, but other changes can be made to casting. One user suggested, “Stop bringing in the “old” vets…the ones who don’t add anything new to the game and play the same strategy.” This statement is referring to Challengers who have competed on dozens of seasons, like Johnny Bananas, Aneesa Ferreira, and Nany Gonzalez. Despite their status, these vets produce repetitive gameplay each season. Some former champions struggle on The Challenge now, and many fans would rather see higher performing rookies.

In recent seasons, The Challenge has ramped up the intensity of its weekly competitions and eliminations, which some fans feel damages the tone of the show. Another fan said, “Honestly just make the daily challenges more fun…the vibe is just too serious now.” Certain seasons, like Double Agents or Spies, Lies, and Allies, introduced a “secret agent” theme. It’s perceived as being too forced and theatrical for the show, compared to its laid-back energy in earlier seasons. This issue is made even worse by the editing on The Challenge, which adds in dramatic effects and slow-motion, making it difficult to actually watch Challengers compete.

For 28 years, The Challenge has entertained fans with its combination of captivating competitions and memorable personalities. It’s natural for any series to have ups and downs throughout several decades of production, but The Challenge faces serious complaints from fans. Simple changes to casting and competition styles could revive the show, and make longtime fans feel valued by production.

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