In Starfield, the line for moral decisions is a bit blurred, including stealing and selling various goods to make money. Though it may not be ethical, it is one of the easiest ways to make some quick and efficient money, which can be vital for things like ship repairs.

As many of the other methods for making money in Starfield are not going to get-rich-quick methods, many players resort to the life of crime to make a small fortune. Most have already realized that the ability to steal items is available to them, but what to do with the goods after that can be confusing.

How To Sell Stolen Goods In Starfield

Player speaking with the Trade Authority in Starfield

The two primary types of illegal items include stolen items and contraband that can be carried on the ship. The method of selling the latter is slightly different, but the process for selling stolen goods is relatively simple. To determine which items in the inventory are considered stolen goods, open it up and review them. All stolen goods will have a small red mark indicating that they were taken. As stated, this is one of the illegal items in the game. Therefore, vendors will not want to engage in any criminal activity by buying it from you, so the usual method of selling will not work.

Instead, the Trade Authority will become the hot spot for selling your illegal items. The Trade Authority’s morals are likely more flexible than regular vendors, so they’ve got no problem relieving you of stolen goods. They are available on almost every planet in Starfield, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to track them down at any time. They will accept anything you are willing to sell them with no questions asked, so take full advantage as this can be a very lucrative source of income. You can also sell stolen items to Crimson Fleet vendors found on The Eye in the Kryx system.

However, one thing to note is the opportunity to have all of this taken away. Though stolen items do not set off any alarm bells when being scanned, Contraband needs to be hidden in Starfield. Therefore, if Contraband is on board, the alarms will sound, and the ship will be boarded to remove all illegal goods, including stolen items, even though they are not what set off the alarm. So beware that carrying the Contraband could also cause you to lose all of your stolen goods. With that in mind, enjoy a life of piracy in space while exploring Starfield.

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