• NPCs in Starfield are created by the game developers, and so it’s fairly rare for them to resemble real-life people.
  • The game’s realistic graphics and lifelike NPC behavior contribute to the immersive experience.
  • A Reddit user shared a humorous video of an in-game character bearing a striking resemblance to themselves, highlighting the uncanny resemblance by copying the NPC’s behavior.

One Starfield player was amused to find that they had a look-alike in-game. While it’s easy to create Starfield protagonists that look like famous people or characters, NPCs are a different story. These non-playable ones are provided by Bethesda and so a random in-game person will resembling a real-life face is expected to be low. While other games use actors as face references for in-game characters, Starfield‘s devs have been using the game engine to populate the game world.

Some people have noted how lifelike the game’s population is. The NPCs generally look good, and they also react in a manner that tries to emulate human behavior. While there have been instances where some Starfield characters seem to have a staring problem, the visuals remain impressive nonetheless. All these small details and graphical marvels help make the game into a live world that functions as close as it can to real life. However, one gamer may have felt that the game was too close for comfort.

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Reddit user I_Am_Naiwal posted a hilarious clip on the platform showing what looks to be a video game version of themselves. While encountering Starfield‘s John Tuala in-game, the user went on to copy the mannerisms of said character to show how much they looked alike. This included adding subtitles of hilarious dialogue selections onscreen as a fun take on the uncanny resemblance with the NPC. While this is most likely a coincidence, it was a humorous one that I_Am_Naiwal decided to poke fun at.

Luckily, the Reddit user got a good laugh at his virtual twin and didn’t experience a visual glitch, unlike others. Some users have reported isolated cases of deformed and bugged Starfield NPCs, which would have been not just an awkward moment, but also scary to look at as well. Seeing one’s in-game doppelganger suffer extreme contortion and distortion might just scare off any players right off the bat, and possibly make the user feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, these types of things don’t happen often.

As Starfield and other Bethesda games are known for populating the in-game world with many different sizes, shapes, genders, and even species of characters, it is quite surprising to find that I_Am_Naiwal has a look-alike in a game they’re playing. Maybe a few other NPCs or even one of the many Starfield companions have their real-world counterparts as well. It would be funny if other people started posting about their visual in-game twins. With Starfield‘s player base continuously growing, the possibility that more look-alikes might come sooner than later is highly likely.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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