When starting Starfield, there are a lot of combat and inventory mechanics to get used to, which can feel overwhelming. One of the first stumbling blocks players might encounter during Starfield is how to get more ammo, as it can run out pretty quickly and feel sparse in the game’s opening missions.

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Ammo is invaluable to have on hand at all times during Starfield, as there’s likely an aggressive Space Pirate, creature, or other type of enemy lurking nearby. However, when beginning the massive RPG, players might wonder where they can buy more ammo and also where they can find some while out in the field.

Where To Find Ammo In Starfield Missions And Exploration

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When first beginning Starfield, it’s easy to run out of ammo fast, and players might find themselves frantically searching corpses to loot more weapons. Fortunately, players can use Starfield‘s Cutter mining tool to deal with enemies if they do run out. However, until players can buy more ammo supplies, ideally, they should search for ammo cases, containers, and loot corpses to get more ammo.

It’s also worth noting that the main ways to get ammo in Starfield are through looting and purchasing; crafting ammo doesn’t appear to be an option currently. Upgrading the Scavenging skill, one of Starfield‘s social skills, to level 2 also gives players the chance to find more ammo when searching containers. Buying ammo can help players stop running out of ammo when out in the field, but which type of ammo is best to buy?

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Where To Buy Ammo In Starfield

starfield centaurian arsenal store

Once players reach Jemison on New Atlantis in the Alpha Centauri system, one of the first locations the protagonist explores, it’s possible to buy ammo from several vendors across the city, with Centaurian Arsenal being one of the best places to stockpile various types. Players can buy ammo in New Atlantis from the following vendors and locations:

  • Trade Authority and UC Surplus (The Well, MAST District).
  • UC Distribution Center (Commercial District).
  • Jemison Mercantile (near the Security bay entrance).
  • Centaurian Arsenal (Residential District).

starfield griffon centaurian arsenal store

Players can handily buy ammo in bulk, so it’s wise to buy a lot of various types to avoid running out. Unfortunately, the default amount is set to the highest purchasable volume, so players must drag the cursor left to buy smaller amounts. There are also several vendors across different planets where players can buy ammo in Starfield, such as Rowland Arms in Akila City and Neon Tactical in Neon.

Starfield Ammo Types Explained

starfield ammo 6.5mm CT ammo vendor inventory

When buying ammo, one the first things to note with weapons in Starfield is the ammo type, as detailed in the top-right corner of each weapon view in the weapon inventory under ‘Ammo.’ This information tells players the type of ammunition each weapon takes, plus other weapon stats like magazine size. Some guns, such as the Eon Pistol and the Grendel rifle, use the same ammo type, making life easier.

starfield eon pistol

However, some weapons, like the Equinox Laser rifle, require specific rounds called 3KV LZR, so players must ensure they buy the correct corresponding ammo box with the same name to resupply. Players should take note of the ammo they want to restock before buying any to avoid purchasing the wrong type. Ammo also won’t last very long, so it’s best to get as much as possible.

Starfield is available now on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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