• A Reddit user has shared a concept for a Berry Blender in Pokemon GO that would allow players to combine berries and create new and more effective versions.
  • The concept has received positive feedback from other players, with some comparing it to similar mechanics in other games like Diablo 3.
  • The Berry Blender could eliminate the practice of dumping berries in Gyms for Stardust and potentially introduce new berry types to the game. Players hope the idea will be considered by Niantic in future updates.

A Pokemon GO player has shared a Berry Blender concept that would change the game significantly. Pokemon GO frequently expands its Pokedex by bringing in new monsters and variants. But as well as engaging players with new Pokemon, Niantic periodically adds new features to spice up Pokemon GO‘s gameplay.

One of the features present in Pokemon GO is berries, a traditional element of the main series of Pokemon games. While the main series has dozens of berries, Pokemon GO‘s berries are five: Razz, Nanab, Pinap, and the Golden Razz and Silver Pinap berry variants. There are only two uses for berries in Pokemon GO, one of them being food for Pokemon defending Gyms as a means of motivation. The second use is to alter the behavior of wild Pokemon, such as increasing their capture rate.

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Reddit user BaronVonPingas shared the concept of a Berry Blender for Pokemon GO. The first image shows how the feature would be accessed via the game’s menu, while the second image shows the Berry Blender. Using it, the Pokemon GO player would combine Razz and Nanab berries to get new berries, or larger and more effective versions by combining several berries at once. The third image shows a Pink Blueberry, the result of a Berry Blender combination. Using this berry on a wild Pokemon would increase the player’s catch circle and the chance of great throws. Pokemon GO players visit PokeStops to get rewards like berries, which are also obtained simply by leveling up or completing Field Research Tasks.

BaronVonPingas’ Berry Blender concept has been received very positively by other Redditors. In addition to the praise in various comments, one player recalled the existence of a similar mechanic in Diablo 3 where players combine low gems to get better gems. Several players also commented on other features they would like to see in Pokemon GO, such as secret bases. Another creative idea suggested in the comments is the introduction of fruit tree stops, where the Pokemon GO player would drop berries.

The idea of Pokemon GO having a Berry Blender would eliminate the common practice of players dumping berries in Gyms just for Stardust. Going further, a Berry Blender could open the door to the possibility of Pokemon GO having new berry types. Pokemon GO players could also get berries recipes to use in the blender via events, by challenging Gyms and spinning Photo Discs. The Pokemon GO community is always sharing creative ideas for the game. As Niantic is constantly working on new features for Pokemon GO, players hope one day these ideas will make it into the game.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.

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