Starfield is bursting with missions and quests for players to discover, with virtually a side mission or activity around almost every corner in addition to the game’s main story. Some missions in Starfield are faction-exclusives, such as those available to players when they reach the headquarters of Constellation in the city of Jemison in New Atlantis.

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As one of Starfield‘s many factions, Constellation is based in a massive, cozy building called The Lodge, where there are a lot of equipment stations for players to discover and utilize. However, it can be tricky to find Constellation’s Mission Board, as the game doesn’t mark its exact location. Fortunately, it’s easy to find once players know where to look and can take players on a whole new adventure.

Where To Find The Constellation Mission Board In Starfield

starfield constellation mission board

After Sarah’s talk in Starfield‘s One Small Step story mission, players can freely explore The Lodge after obtaining the Lodge key. Talking to Noel, he will tell players that Constellation has a Mission Board where they can help in her ongoing space research.

To find Constellation’s Mission Board, players should take the left door near the entrance to The Lodge and turn right, heading downstairs into the basement. In the main room, players can find all kinds of machines and research stations to interact with, including Constellation’s Mission Board computer console to the right, just before the nearby adjoining corridor. Nearby, players can also find and collect Starfield‘s Mark 1 Spacesuit.

How Constellation Mission Board Works In Starfield

starfield constellation missions

Interacting with the Constellation Mission Board console will allow players to see what types of missions are available. They don’t cost any in-game money but reward players with credits for completion, such as the ‘Locate Emerging Tectonics In Altair’ mission, which rewards players with 9,500 Credits and involves completing a survey mission to locate planets within an entire system that possess certain traits. The game also warns players that this is the most challenging type of survey mission. Selecting a mission and choosing ‘Yes’ will accept it, while selecting ‘No’ will cancel it.

While undertaking the ‘Locate Emerging Tectonic in Altair’ mission, some players have a chance of coming across Starfield‘s Mantis mission or finding a randomized item drop called ‘Secret Outpost!’ while exploring, although this may spawn in other places for other players, such as through ‘The Old Neighbourhood’ quest. Therefore, it’s possible that undertaking Constellation or other faction missions could lead to even more exciting discoveries. Players may also find that different faction mission boards contain other types of missions.

Starfield is available now on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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