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  • Children of the 90s, get ready for Goosebumps to return with a new twist!
  • The new series follows a group of high schoolers investigating a mysterious death, uncovering dark secrets from their parents’ pasts.
  • With a talented team behind it, including director Rob Letterman and executive producer Nicholas Stoller, Goosebumps promises to bring back the scares and nostalgia.

Children of the 90s beware, for Goosebumps is returning this year to deliver some Halloween scares. Disney+ and Hulu released a new teaser that gives the briefest of glimpses at everything that will go bump in the night and the date for when the R.L. Stine reboot will haunt television screens. Five episodes from the ten-part series will debut on the scariest date possible – Friday, October 13 – as part of the streamers’ annual “Huluween” and “Hallowstream” celebrations. New episodes will follow every week thereafter.

The new Goosebumps will follow a slightly different formula than the classic anthology horror series for kids, instead centering on five high schoolers who band together despite their pasts to investigate the mysterious passing of teenager Harold Biddle in their hometown three decades ago. At the center of it all is Justin Long who plays the new teacher in town Nathan Bratt with a connection to Biddle’s murder. In the dark and twisted process of solving the mystery, the kids discover the dark mysteries their parents kept hidden from their teenage years and face down the supernatural forces beyond their comprehension that hang over the town.

The teaser, titled “Don’t Blink,” doesn’t give away much, but it does offer a creepy glimpse at some of the new cast members as they stare unflinchingly forward with eyes as black as the void. Complete with some eerie music to set the mood, it’s the perfect introduction to the gateway horror series before jumping into a very quick montage of the scares to expect in the first season of the reboot. Along with the teaser, the Goosebumps announcement came with new images that mostly focus on the kids as they traipse through dark, scary locales in an effort to solve the mystery and confront the supernatural, even if it leaves them a little slimy or a little scared. Long, meanwhile, is looking mighty suspicious in the first image of his character as he goes out at night with a shovel and flashlight.

A Talented Team Will Bring ‘Goosebumps’ Back From the Dead

Image via Disney+

Making up the younger, seemingly-possessed cast members seen in the teaser are Ana Yi Puig as Isabella, Miles McKenna as James, Will Price as Jeff, Zack Morris as Isaiah, and Isa Briones as Margot. Also aboard Goosebumps are Lucifer alum Rachael Harris and Childrens Hospital star Rob Huebel. Rob Letterman, the director behind the surprisingly spooky 2015 Goosebumps film starring Jack Black, will have a hand in resurrecting the franchise again, serving as an executive producer and developing the series alongside Nicholas Stoller, an acclaimed comedic filmmaker who most recently served as showrunner on the hit Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne comedy series Platonic.

Goosebumps returns with five episodes full of scares on October 13. Check out the teaser and new images below.

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