• Pokemon is collaborating with Vocaloid to create new original music, which is causing a lot of excitement in Japan.
  • The collaboration will feature Hatsune Miku, the most iconic Vocaloid character, and there will be 18 songs and accompanying music videos.
  • The promotional art showcases Pikachu and Farfetch’d alongside Hatsune Miku, and each song will sample sounds and music from the Pokemon games.

The Pokemon news just keeps pouring in lately, especially in the form of new collaborations, special menu items, and exclusive goods. This latest collaboration is one that we never saw coming, though, and is certainly one of the most unique. Now, Pokemon is teaming up with singing voice synthesizer software Vocaloid to produce brand new, original music!

This collaboration is huge news in Japan. Any time that new Vocaloid music is officially produced, or new Pokemon things are announced, it is big news. Having the two together means that excitement is at an all-time high. The Vocaloid that will be used for the project is none other than Hatsune Miku herself, easily the most iconic of the characters.

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If you are scratching your head wondering what Vocaloid is exactly, don’t worry. As stated above, it is actually a software program that produces a singing voice without an actual singer, with the singer represented instead by a 3D avatar that also usually dances. The different voices are assigned to specific characters to help distinguish them, with Hatsune Miku being the original and most recognizable. It has been around since 2004, with Miku specifically available since 2007, and continues to be popular not only in Japan but globally.

The full name of the project is Pokemon Featuring Hatsune Miku Project Voltage 18 Types/Songs, or just Project Voltage for short. There will be 18 songs in total produced in Project Voltage, and each will be accompanied by a music video. The 18 songs will be about each of the 18 elemental types represented by different Pokemon, with each getting its own song and video. Each song will also be made by a different creator, covering a variety of moods and genres based on that person’s vision. The songs will also sample sounds and music from the Pokemon games.


So far, the promotional art that has been released features Hatsune Miku alongside Pikachu and Farfetch’d. These Pokemon specifically are great choices to represent the project for different reasons. Firstly, Pikachu and Miku are both international ambassadors of Japan, so it goes without saying that they would be “friends.” Plus, Pikachu is an electric-type Pokemon, and Miku’s name means “the first future of sound,” both of which are reflected by the name Project Voltage. As for Farfetch’d, it is always portrayed holding a green onion or leek – and Hatsune Miku is very, very famous for one of her first videos, Levan Polkka, where she dances with a leek.

Project Voltage will be rolled out over time this autumn, with the first music video dropping on September 29. Over the course of the next few months, we can expect to see more and more of Project Voltage revealed, so keep your eyes on the news and your ears open. Hatsune Miku’s voice is very distinct, so you will definitely recognize it when you hear it!

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