Intuit, the parent company of TurboTax, is still facing blowback over claims it tricked people into using its “free” tax filing service that wasn’t actually free. In a ruling on Friday, the Federal Trade Commission’s chief administrative law judge (ALJ) ruled that Intuit “deceived consumers” and “engaged in deceptive advertising.”

The FTC’s ALJ determined that there is a “cognizant danger of a recurring violation” by Intuit and issued a cease-and-desist order that prohibits the company from “engaging in deceptive practices in the future.” The ruling prevents Intuit from representing a product as free unless it actually is free for everyone to use and “clearly and conspicuously discloses any terms that would limit the offer.”

In a response provided in advance of the FTC’s ruling, Intuit calls the agency’s investigation process “flawed and highly questionable,” noting “Intuit already adheres to most of the advertising practices in the FTC’s erroneous decision.” The company adds that it has “been clear, fair, and transparent” with customers and remains “committed to free tax preparation.”

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By asm3a