• Some Starfield players have been experiencing bugs and other issues since the game’s early access launch.
  • A Reddit user discovered a glitch where a level 35 Pack Ankylosaurus ended up inside their spaceship and attacked them, preventing them from fast traveling.
  • The glitch may be related to the game spawning the creature inside the ship due to its proximity during liftoff, highlighting issues with the spacecraft takeoff segments.

One Starfield player received a rather shocking surprise after trying to figure out why they couldn’t fast-travel to a planet, only to discover a not-too-friendly stowaway amidst their crew. Their bizarre experience adds to the list of bugs and other issues that some Starfield players have been experiencing since the game entered early access on September 1.

That’s not to say that Xbox Game Studios didn’t deliver on its promise of Starfield having the least buggy launch of any Bethesda game ever made. However, some problems clearly made their way to the day-one version of the space-faring RPG, as is fairly customary for such ambitious projects.

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The latest such bug was uncovered by Reddit user AQTBGL_DaddyIssues, who recently spent some time pondering why they couldn’t fast-travel to Numitor, only to turn around and discover a level 35 Pack Ankylosaurus trying to rearrange their Starfield character’s face. And though the dinosaur’s model is so massive that it seemingly got stuck in the ship, it still had enough reach to start chipping away at the player as soon as they got up from the cockpit. The hostile stowaway’s unexpected space adventure came to an end after the captain emptied some half of an assault rifle magazine into its jaw.

Speculating on the reasons behind this shocking discovery, the player explained that they already noticed the Pack Ankylosaurus on top of their ship during its preceding liftoff. The creature’s model was still stuck in the vessel as it was flying away, the gamer recalled, concluding how that proximity to the spacecraft must have caused the game to spawn the giant reptile inside the ship after loading its interior.

Whether that theory is accurate or not, this particular glitch isn’t the first indication that the RPG’s spacecraft takeoff segments have rather porous safeguards against bugs. This was most recently underlined by a hilariously disastrous Starfield ship launch that saw one player take off into orbit with just their cockpit, which they might have found amusing had the broken state not persisted across loading screens.

Starfield already received one pre-release patch ahead of its early access period and is likely to be treated to many more in the coming months, at least if Bethesda’s support track record is any indication. In the meantime, players are encouraged to save with impunity, while the really paranoid crowd might also want to check their surroundings for any wildlife before launching into space. Community fixes in the form of Starfield mods and patches are also bound to emerge eventually, but the game’s modding scene won’t really take off until Bethesda launches its Creation Kit, which still doesn’t have a release date.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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