• Starfield players showcase their creativity by designing ships inspired by Thomas the Tank Engine, The Magic School Bus, and Star Wars’ Star Destroyer.
  • These unique ship designs receive positive feedback from the Starfield community, with one creator offering tips for aspiring shipbuilders.
  • The ability to customize and build ships in Starfield allows players to unleash their imagination and create virtually anything they desire.

With inspiration from TV shows and movies, three different Starfield players created their ships that looked like a Star Destroyer from Star Wars, Thomas the Tank Engine, and The Magic School Bus and posted their handiwork on social media. For their efforts, each ship designer received kudos from other Starfield players, with one of the builders offering a few tips to prospective shipbuilders who want to recreate their ship.

Though Bethesda’s newest IP has only been on the market for a few days, Starfield is already a success on Steam, with the game receiving “very positive” reviews on the storefront at the time of writing. In addition to exploration and bounty hunting, Starfield offers players who make enough progress the chance to build their ships in the game. Provided they have enough materials and credits, Starfield players can make massive battleships or small fighters to suit their play styles. However, three players decided to tap into nostalgia with their ship designs.

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On Reddit, three artists put their designs for Thomas the Tank Engine, The Magic School Bus, and a Star Wars Star Destroyer on the Starfield subreddit. First, a Reddit user named MrCaine332 posted his design of the blue tank engine. Though the Starfield recreation has no face, the OP managed to keep Thomas’ short, stumpy dome and used six landing pads in place of the wheels. Some users compared the ship to famous Thomas the Tank Engine mods in games such as Skyrim.

By comparison, a Reddit user named SP7R channeled their inner Miss Frizzle and created The Magic School Bus as a ship. The ship retained the titular bus’ yellow color and installed some thrusters on the rear. This made the ship look similar to one of the bus’ space-faring modes from the TV show. As for the Star Destroyer, a user named Jackygold said they used mods for Starfield to break the ship-building limits put in place, which allowed them to make the Imperial ship as true to form as possible. Despite the Star Destroyer’s massive size, Jackygold said they could turn the ship on a dime and managed to land the ship safely in a spaceport, though they regretted their inability to make the ship any slower.

All three entries received upvotes on the Starfield subreddit, with The Magic School Bus from SP7R receiving over 6k upvotes in half a day. With plenty of options for customizing and building ships in Starfield, the possibilities of what players can create are seemingly only limited by imagination.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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