Of all of the countries that players can visit in Starfield, the United States has by far the most representation. Players will take a trip to the NASA Launch Facility in Cape Canaveral as part of the main story, and will also be able to visit what remains of the Empire State Building in New York and Saint Louis’ Gateway Arch if they know where to look for it.

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The US Bank Tower in Los Angeles may not be quite as glamorous or well-known as either of those iconic landmarks, but it’s yet another tall American building that players will be able to visit in Starfield. As with New York and most of the other locations on Earth though, players will need to find a special book before they can take a trip to the City of Angels.

How to Visit the US Bank Tower in Starfield (Los Angeles Landmark)


In order to visit Los Angeles in Starfield, players will first need to get their hands on a copy of the Hope Family Tree. This can be found on the desk of Ron Hope in Hopetown, which is located on the planet Polvo in the Valo system to the right of Alpha Centauri. Players will first visit Ron Hope’s office during the Where Hope is Built faction quest, which is part of the Freestar Rangers questline. Players should pick up the book at this time, as if they don’t, the office will be locked on their next visit.


Frustratingly, the office remains locked for the rest of the Freestar Collective quests regardless of which option players choose during The Hammer Falls, though there is a way to return to the office later on. If players complete the Accidents Happen quest for Ryujin, they’ll find that Hope’s office will be open again on their next trip to Hopetown. It’s unclear whether players need to have spared Ron Hope earlier on for this to happen, so players who want to gain access to the office should do so just in case.


This does unfortunately mean that both Hope and Cosette will be in the office when players come to steal the book, which can make things a little more complicated. However, it is still possible to steal the book without raising the alarm. To do so, players should unlock the Stealth skill and then crouch down behind the desk. Every now and again, both Hope and Cosette will look away and the Stealth meter will turn white and say Hidden, at which point, players can quickly swipe the book without any witnesses.


Reading the book will unlock the Visit the Los Angeles Landmark on Earth activity and add a new landing site to the player’s map of the planet. If players fast travel to this new location, they’ll find the US Bank Tower reaching high into the sky above them, and the Los Angeles snow globe sitting on a rock down near the building’s base. While they’re here, players may want to snap a few pictures using Starfield‘s photo mode, though they’ll be free to return at any time if they forget to do so.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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