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The vibrant metropolis called Neon, found in Starfield‘s Volii system, has two houses that your character can get as a place to decorate, store items, and generally spend your time relaxing from intergalactic adventures. The spots in the city you can purchase on this planet are almost exact opposites. From a narrow place with the bare essentials to a massive suite, you have interesting options to choose from.

Neon is located in the Volii system, which may be seen directly to the lower right from Alpha Centauri, the system you start your journey from in Starfield. Traveling to Volii Alpha might take longer than reaching other civilizations like Akila City or New Atlantis. However, as one of the best places in the galaxy to sell items, you should prioritize visiting Neon along with your other missions.

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How To Get a Cheap House In Neon

Starfield Neon City Sleepcrate Small House Space Bought for Small Amount of Credits

The first and easiest house to get in the bright streets of the city is the Neon Sleepcrate, an incredibly small but cheap apartment space that can be bought for 6,500 Credits. This meager living space comes equipped with just the basics: a storage chest, sink, and a bed. While lacking everything your character might want, this place exists for those tight on Credits in Starfield.

To purchase a Sleepcrate in Starfield, visit the Ebbside shop past the alley next to Enhance and the Volii Hotel on Neon’s main streets. Here, meet with the NPC Izna Sundararaman and pay for the Sleepcrate. While you can rent this space for 300 Credits a night or 2,000 Credits a week, paying the full offer on this humble house will get you the Sleepcrate Home Key that lets you own one of these spots forever.

How To Get a Fancy House In Neon

Starfield Getting the Fancy Neon Penthouse From Astral Lounge Bartender

The more expensive house to get in Starfield is the Neon Sky Suite, an apartment high in the air that displays a view of the entire city when you buy it from the Astral Lounge bartender for 235,000 Credits. Costing almost as much as a large ship, those looking to have this fancy home must go to the Trade Tower to find the Lounge. Speak to NPC Boone Morgan, who has the prompt to purchase the Sky Suite.

The price for the Neon Sky Suite can actually be brought down depending on the skills you have active with your character. If you win a Persuasion check in Starfield while negotiating the cost, you might get this house for fewer Credits.

While the Suite is much larger than the Sleepcrate, it can be disappointing considering how much you had to pay. A single-room location with only above-average amenities, the best aspect of this home is the extra storage space and the perspective of Neon outside the windows. It may be better for your character to actually build an Outpost instead of getting a house in Neon as you travel in Starfield.

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