• Babs’ passing was a devastating moment for Thore family members, and they’re currently grieving her loss on My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 11.
  • The show focuses on Whitney’s efforts to support her father while planning a tribute party for Babs, as well as her father’s nervousness about meeting his long-lost daughter.
  • Babs’ cause of death was cerebral amyloid angiopathy, a disorder that affects the cardiovascular system. It may cause brain bleeds. The family’s bravely trying to cope with the profound loss.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Barbara “Babs” Thore’s passing was wrenching for Whitney Way Thore and the rest of her family, and it’s time to remember Babs, and talk about what happened to her. On the show, the Thore matriarch really shone, offering emotional support to husband Glenn Thore, son Hunter Thore, and daughter Whitney. Babs was a wonderful woman, and in season 11 of the show, her family’s reeling. They’re deep in grief, as they lost someone that they truly adored. Life can be tough, and the family members are dealing with one of the biggest challenges they’ll ever face, while cameras follow their every move.

Babs won’t be a part of My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 11, although her legacy lives on. The new installment premiered on September 5, Whitney’s adjusting to her new normal, and so are her relatives. In episodes 2 and 3 of the popular series, Whitney does her best to help her father during a difficult time. She looks after him while planning a party that’s all about remembering (and honoring) Babs. Meanwhile, there’s drama about Whitney’s secret half-sister Angie, whose father is Glenn. He’s nervous, as he’s preparing to meet Angie for the very first time.

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Babs Passed Away Due To Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy

Whitney Way Thore posted a loving tribute to her mom Babs, a day after the latter woman passed away. She shared some beautiful pictures of her mother. Babs meant so much to Whitney, and still does. The world got a little darker and colder on that day. However, she’s alive in the hearts of those who cared about her, including viewers. Of course, her husband and children will feel this loss the most. However, they can remember the good times, and treasure those precious memories.

The health issue that led to the death of Glenn’s wife Babs, cerebral amyloid angiopathy, is a disorder that negatively impacts the body’s cardiovascular system. Amyloid builds up in smaller cerebral blood vessels and leptomeninges. The blood vessels become thinner and weaker, and brain bleeds may result.

In season 11’s premiere, the scenes that referenced the family’s grief were so moving. Watching was an emotional experience. As the newest MBFFL installment continues, there will be more to learn about how the Thores are coping with such a profound loss. Whitney’s bravely rallying for the sake of her father, which is very selfless. My Big Fat Fabulous Life‘s Glenn Thore‘s trying to move on, and planning “bucket list’ activities that distract him from his pain, such as milking a cow. There’s plenty on the horizon, so be sure to stay tuned.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 11 airs on TLC on Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

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