• The Paradox Pokemon in Gen 9’s Pokemon games have captivated fans and sparked artistic interpretations due to their mysterious nature and unique designs.
  • Paradox Pokemon resemble familiar critters but have their own distinct designs and abilities that have never been seen before.
  • One talented Pokemon fan recently made and shared a steampunk-inspired paradox form concept for Duraludon.

Many of the curious new creatures introduced in the latest Pokemon games have gone on to inspire countless similar designs from fans, and one skilled artist shares a work of their own with the community which features their unique interpretation of a Paradox Duraludon. Gen 9’s Paradox Pokemon have given fans much to consider whether they’re artists, battle experts, or lore enthusiasts, and remain one of the biggest new mysteries within the Pokemon world.

Without touching on details that could potentially spoil the impressive narrative of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games, Paradox Pokemon are a strange new breed of Pokemon whose nature, as the name suggests, remains quite unclear. Even players who have completed the games’ main story and delved into some of its more obscure intricacies have trouble agreeing on what the true origin of these Pokemon may be, but what is known is that these Paradox Pokemon strongly resemble many of the critters that fans have been familiar with for years. And yet, despite their familiarities, every Paradox Pokemon ultimately sports their own new design, as well as several abilities that have never been seen before.

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Both versions of the Gen 9 titles feature their own rosters of obtainable Paradox Pokemon, with the designs of each of these beasts bringing to mind a different point in time. This detail alone has opened up a whole new avenue of potential for creative Pokemon fans, with many such players putting their hearts into artwork that gives their own favorite Pokemon a Paradox form. In this case, a talented artist and brilliant member of the Pokemon community known as Sirefancyfeast on Reddit shares their own work depicting a Paradox version of Duraludon, with their design heavily taking inspiration from the steampunk aesthetic. Their Paradox Duraludon, assigned the official name BRONZ3 B3^M, features a largely robotic visage along with the Steel and Poison-types, with its creator also including a Pokedex entry for the creature in the official post.

Duraludon has been a considerably popular Pokemon since its introduction in the Gen 8 games thanks to its high stats and sheer strength in battle, though its overall design may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Despite Duraludon already being a noticeably powerful Pokemon though, an in-depth reveal of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s upcoming Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC announced that Duraludon will be receiving an evolutionary form in the upcoming content for the Gen 9 games, much to the surprise of many fans.

Duraludon won’t be the only Pokemon to receive attention in the DLC though, with several other Pokemon such as Applin and Sinistea also set to receive new evolutionary forms when The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC releases in two parts later this year. In addition to the debut of new Pokemon, The Teal Mask and The Indigo Disk expansions promise to take players to entirely new parts of the Pokemon world, and are set to release later this year.

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