• Bethesda RPGs have a history of players using character creation tools to recreate recognizable figures from popular culture.
  • Starfield’s character creation tool allows players to recreate beloved pop culture characters, like Nigel Thornberry from The Wild Thornberry’s cartoon.
  • Despite some controversies, Starfield has been well-received by critics, with its customization options being highlighted as one of its many strengths. Considering how recognizable Nigel is with his large nose and distinct head shape, this praise is certainly deserved.

Nigel Thornberry, the lovable nature show host and Eliza’s father in the nostalgic Wild Thornberry’s cartoon, was created by one player in Starfield. Bethesda RPGs have become known for their extensive character creation tools, and Starfield is no different. While many gamers create their own unique characters, many have taken to envisioning their favorite pop culture characters in this new sci-fi universe.

Characters from popular television series, movies, and video games are historically popular inspirations for these creations. Anything from Star Wars to Pokemon and just about everything in between are being recreated in the game as either characters or even spaceships. One crafty gamer made their ship look like a popular starter Pokemon Blastoise, for example, and now it seems gamers are taking inspiration from nostalgic children’s cartoons.

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Using the impressive character creation tool in Starfield, one Reddit user made Nigel Thornberry – the father of the main character and nature host from The Wild Thornberry’s Nickelodeon cartoon. While not sporting his typical khaki shirt and green shorts, the character’s nose along with his iconic orange hair and mustache are enough to unmistakably identify him. Character creation in Starfield may be its most groundbreaking feature, and players are already putting it to the test.

Again, this isn’t a new phenomenon when it comes to games from the popular RPG developer and publisher. Bethesda franchises such as Fallout have famously seen players use the impressive character creation tools to recreate recognizable figures from pop culture. In addition to expansive customization, Starfield features some impressive mods that players have been using to squeeze even more juice out of this lengthy space RPG.

It’s a testament to the quality of Starfield that the customization options are only one aspect of this otherwise massive game. Along with character creation, the writing in Bethesda games is typically listed as a highlight, and many gamers agree that humor might be one of Starfield‘s greatest strengths. Overall, the long-anticipated RPG has been extremely well-received by critics.

Still, the game isn’t entirely without its controversies. Starfield was review bombed by users despite receiving mostly glowing praises from gaming outlets. Most of this is likely due to it being an Xbox exclusive, but some gamers have expressed more reasonable criticisms. Starfield is a pretty low-risk investment for Xbox and PC gamers, however, as it has been available since day one on Xbox Game Pass.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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