Big Brother 25 Week 6 Power Of Veto Results (Spoilers)



  • Jared has won the Power of Veto in week 6 of Big Brother 25, but he has decided not to use it to save either nominee, Izzy or Felicia, to protect his mother, Cirie, from being backdoored by Cameron.
  • Izzy, who is loyal to Cirie, has even told her that she won’t use the Power of Veto to save herself, showing her dedication to keeping Cirie safe.
  • Cameron’s true intentions are unclear, but he has made a big move by nominating Izzy and Felicia, and it will be interesting to see whether the houseguests choose to evict Izzy or Felicia.

The Big Brother 25 week 6 Power of Veto competition has been played, and its winner is Jared Fields. HOH Cameron Hardin surprised his fellow houseguests by nominating Izzy Gleicher and Felicia Cannon for eviction, after making it appear as though his targets would be Jag Bains and Blue Kim. Although Cameron’s true intentions are still unclear, there was speculation that his plan for the week was to backdoor Survivor legend Cirie Fields from the game. However, now that her son has won the Power of Veto, that won’t happen.

The Big Brother 25 live feeds have revealed that Jared won the week 6 Power of Veto. The players in the competition were the HOH Cameron, the nominees Izzy and Felicia, and Jag, Matt Klotz, and Jared. As host Julie Chen Moonves announced, Josh Duhamel, who will host the upcoming CBS competition series Buddy Games, was featured in the veto competition.

Will Jared Fields Use The Big Brother 25 Power of Veto?

Jared Fields' Big Brother promo photo

Jared told his showmance, Blue, that he has already decided that he won’t use the Power of Veto this week. Although both nominees, Izzy and Felicia, are close to him and Cirie, he can’t risk using it to save one of them and having Cameron backdoor his mother from the game. Izzy is the only person who knows for sure that Cirie and Jared are related. Therefore, Jared could campaign for Izzy to go home so that they don’t have to worry about her one day using that knowledge against them.

However, Izzy is so loyal to Cirie that she told her that she wouldn’t even use the Power of Veto to save herself from the chopping block in order to keep Cirie safe. Cirie’s allies seem to be on-board to do anything to keep her in the house. Jared most certainly won’t risk being the reason that his mother gets evicted from Big Brother 25. Cameron has already shown the houseguests that he’s playing his own game on his own terms this week, so they can’t take anything he says at face value, even if he promises not to choose Cirie as the replacement nominee.

It seems that either Izzy or Felicia will leave Big Brother 25 this week, but things could change before Monday’s Power of Veto ceremony. However, that seems highly unlikely. It’ll be interesting to see whether the houseguests choose to evict Izzy or Felicia, especially since they tend to change their minds so many times before each eviction. Whatever happens, HOH Cameron has made a big move that will eliminate someone from the house who was coming after him next.

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