Starfield gives players a galaxy filled with choices and locales to explore. Fans need to use their ship to travel from system to system on their journey. The player’s ship acts as a home base for companions and cargo. Traveling to a new star system can lead to dogfights with enemy pirate ships. It’s a good idea to stay stocked up on necessities like healing items, and ship parts to repair the ship if needed.

Players can trade with other friendly ships while in flight. This way, they can get the supplies they may need without jumping back to the larger spaceport cities. Here’s how players can trade with other ships in Starfield.

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Hailing Friendly Ships/Stations


While players are flying, they may small white arrows around the HUD indicating the direction of friendly ships and space stations. These arrows will be red if there are enemies nearby. Turn the ship to center the nearest ship or station. Pressing the A button will hail the friendly ship and will communication with them.

Some ships will chirp back with a quick response, while others will open a dialogue box for the player. Players can interact with most friendly ships, but certain factions will be more talkative than others. Players can also attack and board ships by committing piracy, but this will result in a bounty and make factions angry.

Space stations will tell players they can dock there. Use the X button to dock at a station when close to it.

How to Trade With Friendly Ships

Once players have successfully hailed a ship, they can initiate a trade by clicking on the “Let’s Trade” speech option. Friendly ships will have a limited amount of credits, so it’s best to refrain from selling many items to them. Take note of the type of ship, as this will change what their inventory is. A trading ship, for example, will have basic aid items, while a settler ship will have clothing items.

Most ships will not trade with the player if they are aligned with the Crimson Fleet. If a faction has a bounty out on the player, their ships will not trade. Most friendly ship traffic is near the big spaceport city planets where main story missions are located.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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