• A Starfield player built a duck-shaped ship inspired by waterfowl and received praise from other players for their creative efforts.
  • Bethesda announced that Starfield has over six million players, but the breakdown between Xbox Game Pass subscribers and other players is unknown.
  • The duck ship received many upvotes on the Starfield subreddit, with comments featuring duck puns and jokes.

Inspired by the wild waterfowl, a Starfield player built a ship that looked like a duck, and shared their efforts on social media for all to see. For their work, the Starfield shipmaker received praise from other players, who shared duck puns, jokes, and other funny comments and compliments.

Within days of its release, Bethesda’s newest IP became a resounding success. As a result, Bethesda touted on social media that Starfield had over six million players as of September 7. However, it was not officially stated how much of that player count was split between Xbox Game Pass subscribers and players who purchased Starfield on PC or Xbox Series X/S. With a player count of over 313k and rising on Steam, according to SteamDB, only time will tell how high the player count of Starfield will rise. Among the six million Starfield players, one gamer decided to honor the quacking waterfowl with their newest ship.

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On Reddit, a user fittingly named angryoldduck created a ship that looked like a green-headed mallard and posted a screenshot on the Starfield subreddit. According to the screenshot provided by the OP, the ship’s cockpit was placed in the duck’s bill, which was then colored yellow. The cargo hold behind the cockpit was colored green, to line up with the mallard’s iconic plumage. In place of eyes, the OP placed some cannons to “quack down” on every space pirate in sight. The boarding ramp was placed underneath the gray body of the ship, which comprised a majority of the chassis. The duck’s webbed feet were represented by orange-tinted thrusters on each side. The tail of the ship was where the OP placed the engines, in accordance with common Starfield ship designs.

The duck-based ship received over 4k upvotes on the Starfield subreddit in half a day. In the comments, some Starfield players made some fitting duck puns and other waterfowl-related jokes, with one user commenting that the ship’s design was “right down to the bill” with its portrayal of the wild mallard. The OP even joined in the reverie with a few duck jokes of their own. With this much praise from Starfield players, the duck ship joins a growing list of elaborate Starfield ship designs such as the Star Destroyer from Star Wars.

Though the duck ship is a standard size, players can use Starfield mods to break the game’s limits and create ships of all sizes. With creativity as endless as the stars, it remains to be seen how many more ship designs Starfield players will come up with.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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