As is the case with a lot of other Western RPGs these days, romance plays a fairly important role in Starfield. However, despite there being more than twenty possible companions in the game, only four of them are romanceable; these being Andreja, Barrett, Sam, and Sarah.

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Before players can even think about getting into their companion’s digital drawers though, they’ll first need to build up a strong relationship with them. Doing so requires a good understanding of what really makes these characters tick, so thirsty Starfield players may benefit from doing a little background reading on their likes and dislikes before making their move.


how to romance andreja in starfield

Andreja is arguably one of the best companions in Starfield and ranks highly on many players’ to-do lists as a result. Those hoping to romance Andreja will find that it’s actually rather simple, as she’s incredibly laid back when compared to the likes of Sarah and Sam. She’s willing to turn a blind eye to most crime, though players should avoid targeting innocent people and taking any kind of bribes while in her presence. After flirting with her for a while, players will unlock the Divided Loyalties companion quest and will be able to romance Andreja after that.

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Barrett from Starfield

Barrett actually has something of a tragic backstory, with his first husband Ervin having died prior to the events of Starfield. He’s still surprisingly upbeat though, which is something that players should focus on if they want to romance Barrett. He tends to prefer positive dialog choices but responds very poorly to agorance. He’s also not a fan of morally dubious actions, so players should steer clear of murder, blackmail, and thievery whenever he’s around. If players flirt with him enough, they’ll unlock the Breach of Contract companion quest, after which, they’ll have the option to romance Barrett.

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Sam Coe


Players will quickly realize that Sam Coe really likes the Freestar Rangers, so they’ll definitely want to make sure to treat the organization with respect whenever he’s around. They’ll also want to focus on choosing righteous dialog options, as Sam is attracted to people with proper morals. The only thing that he loves more than the Freestar Rangers is his daughter, Cora, so players hoping to Romance Sam should treat her like the little princess that she is. If they do, they’ll eventually unlock the Family Matters companion quest and will be able to romance Sam upon its completion.

Sarah Morgan

how to romance sarah in starfield

In order to romance Sarah, players should try to take the diplomatic approach wherever possible, as like most of the other romance options in Starfield​​​​​​, she is not a big fan of violence. Likewise, lying and stealing are all big turn-offs for Sarah, so players trying to get into her good books should make sure to play by the rules and praise Constellation whenever the opportunity to do so presents itself. Eventually, they’ll trigger the In Memoriam companion quest, after which, they’ll be given the option to romance Sarah.

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Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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