• Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’s director, James Wan, mocks the film’s teaser trailer, agreeing with a fan’s criticism that it’s a “trailer for a trailer.”
  • Warner Bros. has been frustrating fans by delaying the release of proper footage for the highly anticipated Aquaman sequel, instead opting to release a trailer for the upcoming trailer.
  • Some fans express disappointment and skepticism about the film based on the teaser trailer, while others are still hopeful but want to see more before committing to watching it.

Even Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom‘s director is mocking the film’s newly-released teaser trailer. Jason Momoa’s DC hero is set to return to the big screen for the much-anticipated Aquaman sequel. The follow-up will see Arthur Curry as he deals with his new role as the King of Atlantis, which includes facing a familiar foe — Black Mantha.

Director James Wan takes it to his social media to mock the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom teaser trailer by supporting a criticism from a fan. Check out the screenshot of the filmmaker’s post via My Time To Shine‘s tweet below:

Wan’s post is in response to a fan who criticizes the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom‘s footage as a “trailer for a trailer.” In his comment, the director agrees and says “it’s hilarious.”

DC Fans React Badly To Aquaman 2’s Belated Marketing

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After being introduced in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and then joining Justice League, Momoa starred in his own headliner film in 2018 Aquaman to much acclaim. The film remains to be the highest-grossing film, with a global haul of $1.14 billion. Considering its success, one would think that Warner Bros. would prioritize its sequel. However, because of a mix of reasons, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has been significantly delayed to December 2023.

Instead of actively promoting Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, however, Warner Bros. has waited a long time even just to release proper footage from the long-completed film. This is the source of frustration for many fans who have been disappointed by the studio’s decision to release a trailer for the upcoming trailer. Many replies to the clip on Twitter essentially call out Warner Bros. for this move. Check out some of them below:

One fan isn’t inspired by the teaser trailer at all, saying that the teaser trailer suggests that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will be bad.

One fan points out that it’s a bit too late to start the promotional campaign for a film that’s set to release in a few months.

Another DC fan is happy about the footage but admits that they will need to see more of it to actually be invested in the movie.

Meanwhile, another fan simply expressed their displeasure by citing that it is a “trailer of a trailer.”

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For context, there have been rumors that Warner Bros. may be considering delaying Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom due to the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. This comes after the studio pushed back the star-studded Dune 2 to early next year. Doing so would allow the cast of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom to actively partake in the promotion of the sequel.

Source: James Wan (via My Time To Shine/Twitter)

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