With so much secrecy surrounding the show’s final four episodes, even Ahsoka’s directors do not know the true ending Dave Filoni has planned.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Ahsoka episode 4.


  • Ahsoka’s story in the Star Wars series is shrouded in mystery, with showrunner Dave Filoni keeping secrets even from his own directors.
  • The secrecy surrounding Ahsoka extends to the ending of the show, which is expected to be massive and have significant implications for the Star Wars franchise.
  • Ahsoka’s story will tie directly into Dave Filoni’s upcoming New Republic movie, further emphasizing the impact of the show’s ending on the future of Star Wars.

Ahsoka‘s story is shaping up to be one of the most impactful in Star Wars history, something even further supported by showrunner Dave Filoni’s dedication to keeping secrets from even his own directors. Given that the show is such an integral part of the New Republic era, even going as far as to set up an upcoming Star Wars movie, it stands to reason that Ahsoka‘s story was shrouded in mystery before release. Similarly, the marketing for the show was contained to just the first four episodes of Ahsoka, meaning much of what is left to explore in the series is entirely new content.

This secrecy it seems, has extended to the directors of Ahsoka‘s individual episodes as revealed by Ahsoka episode 4 filmmaker Peter Ramsey in an interview with IGN. The article notes that Filoni’s tight-lipped nature extended to his fellow creatives, with even Ramsey not knowing where the story will go after Ahsoka episode 4’s ending: “There’s gunna be surprises for me down the line.” Despite Ramsey’s episode setting up the biggest twist in the show yet via the first appearance of Hayden Christensen’s Anakin Skywalker, the ending of the show is shrouded in mystery even for him.

Ahsoka’s Ending Will Be Massive For Star Wars

Star Wars Ahsoka Standing In Front Of Starmap

Naturally, Filoni’s secret-keeping makes a lot of sense given how big Ahsoka‘s ending is shaping up to be not only for the New Republic era but the entire Star Wars franchise. The inclusion of a second Star Wars galaxy alone is enough to mark Ahsoka as one of the biggest switch-ups to the franchise status quo regarding story elements since The Empire Strikes Back. That is also without mentioning the reappearance of the World Between Worlds which could have massive implications on the Skywalker Saga given its time-travel-like nature.

Aside from the franchise-altering, universe-changing elements introduced thus far in Ahsoka‘s story, the ending of the show is likely to be huge even on a more basic level. Considering Ahsoka will tie directly into Dave Filoni’s New Republic movie that was announced at Star Wars Celebration 2023, it is hard to imagine the ending of the show will be tied up neatly with a bow. Instead, the ending of Ahsoka‘s story will have massive ramifications on not only the future installments of this sect of Star Wars that began with The Mandalorian but the entire franchise, explaining why Filoni is keeping secrets even from his team of directors.

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