• Genshin Impact’s Spiral Abyss is considered the hardest content in the game and requires players to deploy their most powerful team compositions, carefully assessing enemies’ elemental weak points.
  • A fan shared an impressive concept of a realistic Spiral Abyss portal in a modern urban environment, gathering praise for its design.
  • The Spiral Abyss floors are a favorite activity for fans, allowing them to collect valuable rewards and Primogems, the game’s main currency, that can be used for character and weapon banners. The most used characters in the Spiral Abyss currently are Bennett, Yelan, and Nahida.

A Genshin Impact fan has shared an impressive concept that shows a realistic Spiral Abyss portal in a modern urban environment. This specific domain is widely considered the hardest piece of content in the game as it features terrifying enemies that are much harder than their overworld versions.

Genshin Impact‘s Spiral Abyss has 12 floors, each more difficult than the previous one which means that Floor 12 usually requires players to deploy their most powerful team compositions. Players need to carefully assess the enemies’ elemental weak points and adapt their party accordingly.

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A Reddit user named GFriendBLACKPINK has shared an impressive artwork that shows the Spiral Abyss portal placed in a busy city. The post has gathered over 2.2k upvotes on the official subreddit with many fans praising the incredibly realistic design. In order to enter this portal in the world of Teyvat, players first need to reach Adventure Ran 20. After that, players have to take a trip to Cape Oath which is a subregion located on the east side of the Anemo. During their first visit, they will find a portal that will take them to a Moon-shaped island known as Musk Reef where the real Spiral Abyss portal is located.

Many fans consider the Spiral Abyss floors their favorite activity since it allows them to collect precious rewards including Primogems, the main currency in the game which allows players to pull on the character and weapon banners. The Spiral Abyss resets twice a month which means that players can frequently farm these rewards, but they also need to adapt their team compositions to match the new enemy lineups.

According to a recent Genshin Impact chart, the most used character in the current Spiral Abyss is the popular Pyro sword user Bennett. Despite having a lower four-star rarity, Bennett is widely considered the best support in the game since he can adapt to almost every team composition. His Elemental Burst, Fantastic Voyage, is one of the most powerful abilities in the game as it provides an incredible healing effect as well as a decent damage buff.

He is followed by the recently featured Hydro user Yelan who is also used in the support role, but unlike Bennett, her kit revolves around dealing bursts of damage and applying the Hydro element. Even though Archons are usually ranked high on these usage charts, the first Archon on the list is Sumeru’s protector Nahida in the third spot.

Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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