Springtime in Stardew Valley is a season of renewal and growth. As Spring starts, the valley comes alive with vibrant flowers, and new patches of grass begin to sprout on the farm, in Cindersap Forest, and throughout Pelican Town. This season also introduces a variety of crops, forageable items, and fish, which are unique to this time of the year.

Forageable items are wild resources scattered on the ground throughout Stardew Valley, which players can gather to enhance their Foraging skills. A forageable item that can be found in Spring is the Daffodil, which is a traditional Spring flower. However, some players, especially beginners, can find it hard to get their hands on daffodils in Stardew Valley.

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Where to Get Daffodils in Stardew Valley

foraging for daffodils in stardew valley

Daffodils, with their delicate yellow petals, can brighten up anyone’s day. This makes them the perfect gift for the villagers. Listed below are the different ways players can get Daffodils in Stardew Valley.

Foraging Daffodils

The best way to get a bunch of Daffodils is by foraging. Players can find these delightful flowers in several spots throughout the Valley.

  1. Pelican Town: There’s a 100% chance to find Daffodils scattered all around Town. Players can simply walk around outside their farm and pick them up wherever they see them.
  2. Bus Stop: Players have a 45% chance of finding Daffodils on the ground at the Bus Stop in Stardew Valley.
  3. Railroad: There is a 45% chance for players to find Daffodils spread around the Railroad.

The Railroad is only accessible after an earthquake clears the blocked pass in the Summer of the first year.

Growing Daffodils

Another way for players to get Daffodils is by growing them on the farm. Daffodils are grown from Spring Seeds. To craft Spring Seeds, players need to use the crafting recipe labeled “Wild Seeds (Sp),” which they can obtain by reaching Foraging Level 1.

The recipe calls for 1 Wild Horseradish, 1 Daffodil, 1 Leek and 1 Dandelion. Combining these ingredients produces 10 Spring Seeds per craft. When planted, each Spring Seed has an equal chance of yielding any of the Spring Forageables, including Daffodils.

Purchasing Daffodils

Flower Dance festival area with NPCs.

Daffodils aren’t typically sold in any of the shops in Stardew Valley, but there is one special time when players can purchase them. Daffodils can be purchased from Pierre’s booth at The Flower Dance. It is a festival that takes place on Spring 24 every year. Players can purchase 10 Daffodils for 50 g.

Stardew Valley is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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