• A Starfield player impresses the community with a custom Batman-inspired starship, showcasing dramatic images of the all-black spacecraft.
  • The ship’s creator spent 15 hours perfecting the design, facing challenges with module connections and ladder placement.
  • While they missed out on utilizing the Mantis ship’s fleeing effect, the ship’s impressive design leaves room for other players to attempt similar creations.

A Starfield player is wowing the game’s community with pictures of his custom ship inspired by Batman’s Batwing. The large vessel is an impressive example of what a determined player can do with Starfield’s ship customization system.

Starfield launched on September 6, following about a week in early access. Reportedly selling over 6 million copies at launch, it’s the largest release Bethesda’s ever seen. Among the game’s many features is the ability for players to build custom ships using prefab modules. Many players have taken to social media to show off their designs. This includes vessels based on popular franchises ranging from Star Wars to The Magic School Bus.

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Reddit user bmikey recently showed off his custom Batman-inspired starship, sharing several dramatic images of the spacecraft. The ship is all black, with modules arranged into a body and two wings. The ship’s creator didn’t show off its interior, though they mentioned needing four ladders to travel between every deck. Still, if the goal was to make a ship that would look good silhouetted in front of the moon, this custom Starfield ship certainly does the job.

They did not provide too many details on how they designed their Starfield spaceship, though the Reddit user promised to include a build guide in a future post. However, it apparently took a lot of work, with bmikey saying he spent about 15 hours going through multiple iterations of the design. Ladders, in particular, seem to have been a bit of a hassle. Starfield players can’t choose precisely where ladders go, instead having to move and reconnect modules until the connections are where the player wants them. Even the ship’s creator couldn’t get the interior exactly how they wanted it, though some commenters had suggestions.

Another commenter also pointed out a big missed opportunity in bmikey’s design. Players who complete the Mantis mission in Starfield gain access to the Mantis spacesuit and starship. The Mantis is essentially the Starfield setting’s version of Batman, striking fear into the hearts of many space pirates. According to one commenter, it has a passive effect that sometimes causes Crimson Fleet ships to flee. This works even if players clear all of the initial modules and make an entirely new ship.

Unfortunately, bmikey wasn’t aware of this ability and thus couldn’t take advantage of it in their ship design. Still, that doesn’t make the Batman-inspired ship any less impressive, especially considering how much effort went into making it. Besides, that leaves an excellent opportunity for other Starfield players who might want to try something similar.

Starfield is out on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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