Pokemon GO Trick Makes Getting Excellent Throws Easy


  • There’s a trick circulating in the Pokemon GO community that helps players make Excellent Throws more easily, which is especially useful for completing challenges.
  • The trick involves using the AR+ mode and angling the camera towards a flat surface or the floor to achieve an Excellent Throw consistently.
  • While some players find it takes practice and getting used to, many have thanked the Reddit user who shared the trick as it has helped them make Excellent Throws more easily.

An in-game trick that makes it easier for Pokemon GO players to make Excellent Throws in the mobile title has been circulating within the community recently. Given that making a certain number of Excellent Throws is part of some Pokemon GO challenges, and one of the most difficult things to accomplish in the game, the player base will likely welcome any trick to make it happen more frequently.

With so many activities happening during Pokemon GO‘s current season Adventures Abound, it is not surprising for players to want an easier way to make Excellent Throws in the game. Excellent Throws improve the chances of catching a sought-after Pokemon, but they are hard to accomplish. Being able to execute the throw is crucial during specific moments in Pokemon GO, particularly when capturing legendary Pokemon. So, if a fellow player has found a way to pull off an Excellent Throw every time, the community will most likely want to try it out.

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On Reddit, the Pokemon GO Excellent Throw trick was introduced by user throwupandaway71 in fellow Redditor UNFRGVBL’s thread. The trick was shown through a YouTube short, and the footage showcase how the player was able to make Excellent Throws every time. The trick is to use the Pokemon GO AR+ mode when capturing a Pokemon and then angling the camera to face a flat surface or the floor. When a grass bush sprouts up, the player should click on the sprout of grass when it pops up, and then hold the PokeBall over the yellow circle until it becomes as small as possible, allowing them to achieve an Excellent Throw.

Throwupandaway71 started sharing the link to the hack when UNFRGVBL posted about completing Pokemon GO‘s “Make 120 Excellent Throws” challenge, which many in the thread have complained about being unable to finish. According to the comments on the Reddit thread, capturing Pokemon in this way takes some getting used to, especially since they don’t see the pocket creature on their screen. However, many have thanked throwupandaway71 for sharing the trick with them, as they have been able to make Excellent Throws easily after some practice.

No doubt, with this trick under their belt, players will have higher chances of capturing some of the most challenging Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Even though this hack may be somewhat exploitative, fans are likely hopeful that Niantic will take while to notice, and that the company will not issue a fix any time soon.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS mobile devices.

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