• Austin Victoria is a 32-year-old who works at the Oppenheim Group selling luxury real estate in Orange County.
  • Austin’s marriage to Lisa was explored in-depth during Selling The OC season 2, but they are still together despite some tension.
  • Austin is active on Instagram, often sharing updates on his family, properties he’s selling, and his personal life. Follow him @austin_victoria.

Selling The OC season 2’s Austin Victoria revealed more about his life during the recent season, including giving viewers a look into his marriage. Austin, who’s a 32-year-old California native, has worked at the Oppenheim Group for years selling luxury real estate. Austin was a part of Selling The OC season 1, but his life was explored in-depth during Selling The OC season 2. Austin’s wife, Lisa Victoria, has been a part of his life for years, and he welcomed the Selling The OC cameras into his home in order to capture more of their dynamic.

As an agent with the Orange County O Group, Austin has been mostly removed from the majority of the drama surrounding the other agents. While he’s aware of what’s going on with the rest of the cast, Austin is more present in his home life than he is with the O Group drama. After exploring his dynamic with his wife, Lisa, and their young twin daughters throughout Selling The OC season 2, many have been wondering if Austin is still married.

Austin Victoria Is Married

Austin Victoria Selling The OC

Austin and his wife Lisa are still married, though people were questioning whether their relationship had splintered after some tension during Selling The OC season 2. Early on in the season, Austin and Lisa talked about the idea of having another baby. The couple already have twin daughters, Hazel and Lila, and Austin was adamant that he didn’t want to have any more children. Lisa, on the other hand, was interested in having more. They weren’t certain about their decision, but stayed together despite their disagreement.

What’s Austin Up To In 2023?

Austin Victoria Selling The OC

Austin has been celebrating the premiere of Selling The OC season 2, spending some time on the east coast in New York City to promote the series. As he continues to work the O Group, Austin has been sharing his listings online and ensuring that people are keeping tabs of what properties he’s been selling. Austin, who lives with Lisa and their daughters in Orange County, spends a lot of time traveling when he’s not working. He still works as a professional model from time to time after his previous full-time career as an international model.

Is Austin Active On Instagram?

Austin is incredibly active on Instagram, though he does post more to his stories than he does on his grid. Throughout the last year, Austin’s been sharing more about his life online and keeping people updated on his family. He’s shared photos of his wife, his daughters, and the properties he’s been selling. Viewers can find Austin on Instagram at @austin_victoria.

Selling The OC is available to stream on Netflix.

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