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In the world of Fae Farm, the player’s ability to make progress often relies on them having Florins, the game’s main currency. Upgrades to tools – both metal and otherwise – require hundreds of florins, and even unlocking extra inventory slots will put a dent in players’ wallets.

It’s a shame, then, that selling items can be a hassle – players have 32 slots they can use to sell items daily, and while this can be increased later, it’s not immediately clear how this system works. This guide will help players sell items, figure out their value, and add more ‘selling slots’ so they can sell as many items as they want.

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How To Sell Items

Fae Farm market table UI interface showing the value of a table's items

Introduced during the chapter 1 tutorial, market tables are found in the town center. Players that get lost can open their map and track a static NPC like Holly to quickly find their way to this location, where each table provides eight slots for a total of 32 items. Despite most items in Fae Farm stacking in player’s inventories, tables can only hold items as individuals. This means a stack of 50 copper ore will fill all four tables with some left over.

Unlike the market stalls of Stardew Valley, players don’t need to worry about their tables being particularly presentable. At the end of each in-game day, anything placed on these tables will be sold and Florins will automatically enter the player’s wallet. Learning the prices of each item thankfully isn’t trial and error, however, as the value of each item can be discerned by hovering over them before adding them to the table. The table’s overall value is also seen in the top right of the selling screen. A breakdown of each item’s selling price is also given every night if players opt to view the details of their sales or look at the blackboard near the tables.

What Are Shipping Contracts?

Shipping Contracts In Fae Farm

Unlocked when the whirlpools are cleared in chapter 3, shipping contracts can be viewed by interacting with the notice board at the docks. The items they want are randomized and will update with new requests often, but players can only accept one contract at a time. These often ask for large quantities of fairly rare items; 10 iron ingots, for example. The payment is definitely worthwhile, though – often in the hundreds or even thousands – and given to players immediately upon the contract’s completion.

To complete the contract, players should return to the notice board with the items in their inventory and press F to turn them in. New contracts will then appear in a few days’ time.

How To Unlock a Produce Stand

Fae Farm produce stand

Early in the game, players will get a side quest from an NPC named Pearl who stands near the tavern. With so many activities to enjoy, her quest is easily forgotten, but tasks players with unlocking a produce stand. This is done by speaking to Pearl again and opening her store – for an eye-watering 2,000 Florins, players will unlock a produce stand that takes a day to build and will pop up to the right of their home.

The produce stand acts just like the tables in the town square, and unlocks eight new slots for selling items while being much easier to reach. Additional produce stands can also be purchased from Pearl for a high price after making some story progress, starting at 7,000 Florins and reaching a price of 24,000 by the fourth. These produce stands appear at the other homesteads players unlock throughout the story and increase the items that can be sold daily from 32 to 64.

Fae Farm is available now for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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