Ship theft is an optional mechanic in Starfield that allows players to take abandoned or broken enemy vessels. Of course, starship robberies are nothing like GTA-esque crimes; they require timing, precision, skill, and even some luck. Since Bethesda likes to keep its gameplay mechanics somewhat mysterious, this guide will explain how to steal ships in Starfield, as well as provide tips for registering, modifying, and selling them.

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How to Steal Enemy Ships

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To capture an enemy ship in Starfield, players will need to disable its engines. When a starship is engineless, it will drift in space, allowing players to dock, eliminate the crew, and take control of the vessel.

Once players interact with a vessel’s pilot seat, the ship becomes theirs. However, they will still need to perform at least one Grav Jump or land on a planet to establish it as their Home Ship.

Required Skills for Starship Theft

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Stealing ships requires two skills: Targeting Control Systems and Piloting. The former lets players destroy enemy ships’ engines, while the latter helps them operate Type-B and Type-C vessels.

How to Modify a Stolen Starship

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Modification is only available for registered ships. To modify a stolen spacecraft, players can talk to a Ship Services Technician, select “view ships,” and click “Register.” The register process costs a fee, which is a percentage of the ship’s value.

How to Sell a Stolen Ship

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After registering the stolen vessel, players can approach a Ship Services Technician and request to see their available items for sale. From their inventory, they can select “Sell” (G on PC) to trade the pilfered spacecraft.

It’s important to note that trafficking stolen ships is not a dependable source of income. This is primarily because the registration fee significantly reduces the profits by half.

Best Starfield Ships to Steal

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Typically, Type-C vessels are the most lucrative ones. Their larger size and cargo capacity often result in better loot and higher selling prices. However, players can also benefit from acquiring Type-B ships, which offer superior combat capabilities.

For those looking to profit off Contraband, Crimson Fleet ships are the perfect target. These vessels are the likeliest to carry illicit items and are easier to take down.

Starfield is available for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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