Pokemon GO
is bringing the dual Bug and Steel-type Mythical Pokemon Genesect (Burn) as the upcoming 5-star raid boss. The

developers at Niantic
are constantly rotating raid bosses, ensuring multiple Legendary and Mythical encounters. Genesect (Burn) is a potent monster that can perform exceptionally well with its robust move pool.

The Mythical Pokemon originates from the Unova region (Gen 6) and possesses a maximum

Pokemon GO
CP of 3791. Its stats and abilities boost even further as a 5-star raid boss. Solo trainers should avoid the raid and band together with other trainers. Forming a team with powerful counters helps defeat it. This guide explains everything one must know before attempting the Genesect (Burn) raid.

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Pokemon GO: Genesect (Burn) Weaknesses and Resistances

Genesect (Burn) Weaknesses Pokemon GO

The Bug and Steel-type Mythical has impressive stats of 252 (ATK), 199 (DEF), and 174 (STA). As powerful as Genesect (Burn) is, trainers can exploit its weaknesses. The Pokemon is vulnerable against Fire-type moves but is resistant to Normal, Grass, Poison, Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Ice, Steel, and

Psychic-type attacks in Pokemon GO
. Trainers must avoid its resistance and build a battle roster around its weaknesses.

The mythical Bug and Steel-type gets a power boost during rainy and snowy weather; one should skip raid locations with such weather conditions. Players can also utilize counters with the

Pokemon GO Same Type of Attack Bonus (STAB)
effect to inflict bonus damage. The effect triggers when a monster’s attack type is the same as its attribute type.

Best Genesect (Burn) Raid Counters in Pokemon GO

Genesect (Burn) Counters Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Mythical monsters
are powerful, requiring immense meta-knowledge and a team of powerful counters to win against. Trainers can build a battle roster around Genesect’s (Burn) weaknesses to take it down.

Pokemon Fast Move Charged Move
Reshiram Fire Fang Fusion Flare
Heatran Fire Spin Mega Storm
Chandelure Fire Spin Overheat
Darmanitan Fire Fang Overheat
Volcarona Fire Spin Overheat
Moltres Fire Spin Overheat
Primal Groudon Fire Fang Fire Punch
Entei Fire Spin Overheat
Blaziken Fire Spin Blast Burn
Delphox Fire Spin Blast Burn

How To Get Shiny Genesect (Burn) in Pokemon GO

Shiny Genesect (Burn) Pokemon GO

While catching

a Mythical Pokemon
can be challenging, getting a Mythical Shiny is more complex. Shiny Genesect is a collector’s item due to its all-red look. The easiest way to get a Shiny Genesect (Burn) is to win the Genesect (Burn) raid.

After defeating the

legendary Pokemon GO
raid boss, Shiny Genesect (Burn) may appear nearby. While there’s a chance of some trainers encountering a shiny, some might not since a shiny encounter isn’t guaranteed. Trainers must participate and win multiple raids to catch up to its Shiny spawn rate and encounter a Shiny Genesect (Burn).

Pokemon GO
is available for iOS and Android.

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