Terrormorphs are arguably the most horrifying creatures in Starfield. After encountering one while completing some of the first few UC Vanguard Side Quests, players will keep stumbling upon these creatures over the course of the following missions.

The Eyewitness Side Quest starts in a simple manner where people are tasked with convincing the Cabinet members, and it later turns out to be a small-scale Terrormorph attack in Starfield.

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Eyewitness Walkthrough In Starfield

the delivering devils side quest in starfield

Continuing from the Delivering Devils Side Quest in Starfield, the first step in Eyewitness is to meet Hadrian outside the UC building in the MAST District, New Atlantis. Before heading inside, the scientist reveals her true identity. It appears that Hadrian Sanon is a clone of a man named Francois Sanon.

After revealing the truth, Hadrian asks if players are ready to face the Cabinet. It won’t be an easy matter as all members of the three parties need to be convinced in order to gain access to the Xenowarfare files. The scientist also asks the players to stock up on some Ammo and Meds, which hints at an incoming battle.

How To Convince The Cabinet In Starfield

how to convince the cabinet in starfield

Upon getting inside the UC Vanguard building in Starfield and exchanging pleasantries, a serious conversation will soon begin. The three cabinet members will ask players to share what they witnessed on the other Planet regarding the Terrormorph. To gain the Cabinet’s approval, make sure to tell the truth while urging the members to take the situation seriously at the same time.

forced locked down in starfield

One of the Cabinet members however seems reluctant to give approval, but soon changes his mind at the end of the conversation. As players and Hadrian are convincing the Cabinet members, a forced locked down will occur as there is a Terrormorph attack at New Atlantis in Starfield.

How To Defeat The Terrormorph In Starfield

how to defeat the terrormorph in starfield

Upon exiting the UC building, some Civilians are unconsciously attacking other people as they are influenced by the Terrormorph aura. To wake the violent Civilians, shoot them with the EM Modified Equinox weapon in Starfield which can be found on the ground near the UC exit. Using any other weapon will kill them, which won’t bode well with the Cabinet.

Keep shooting the Civilians until the blue meter above their head is full.

starfield fighting terrormorphs

Next, it’s time to take care of the several Terrormorphs scattered around the area. Approach Sergeant Yumi and help him take care of a Terrormorph before speaking with him to assess the situation. Before proceeding, speak with the Fireteam Leader to gain backup if desired.

starfield how to defeat the last two terrormorphs

Although there are only two Terrormorphs left, don’t underestimate them as they are tough enemies that have hard skin and can deal heavy damage. Try to use minefields and bombs to distract the creature then attack it with the strongest weapon available.

starfield abello admiting her mistake

Once the fight is over, return to the Cabinet members who admit that players were right and that the Xenowarfare files should be searched to avoid another Terrormorph attack.

Starfield is available now on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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