After obtaining the Cabinet members’ approval to retrieve the Data regarding the Terrormorph in Starfield, players must now visit each member’s Embassy and obtain the corresponding Archival Code in the Friends Like These Side Quest.

There are three Factions involved in Starfield; UC Vanguard, Freestar Collective, and House of Va’ruun. The first Code is obtained after getting the second and third Code, so no need to panic if players don’t get it immediately.

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Friends Like These Walkthrough In Starfield

learn about other parties in starfield

Head to Interstellar Affairs and speak with Deputy Macintyre who reveals how to access the archives containing the necessary information on the Terrormorphs. It appears that players must collect the remaining Archival Codes that belong to the Freestar Collective and House of Va’ruun. Do note that the UC Vanguard one is obtained later.

Deputy Macintyre explains how to acquire the missing Codes and send players on their way. There will be Persuasion in this Side Quest, so it’s recommended to level up that Skill in Starfield. There are also other options for those who dislike Persuasion, like sneaking around and blackmailing.

How To Get The Freestar Collective Archival Code In Starfield

how to get freestar collective archival code in starfield

Go to the Freestar Embassy and search for a woman named Radcliff as she knows where the Code is. The only problem is that she refuses to give it the easy way. So, people can either Persuade Radcliff or blackmail her.

How To Persuade Radcliff

persuade radcliff in starfield

Persuading Radcliff will be tricky since players need to get eight points. Having a high Persuasion Skill will definitely help, but there is another solution if there are no Skill Points. Save the game before speaking with Radcliff and Load the Save if the Persuasion fails in Starfield. This way, there are infinite chances to Persuade her.

How To Blackmail Radcliff

speak with cameron to get a key in starfield

For those who failed the Persuasion process or simply don’t want to do it, there are extra steps to complete. To blackmail Radcliff, players need to sneak into her room to get the listening device. It’s possible to ask for Cameron’s help to use the vents by convincing him to join hands.

find evidence inside radcliff room in starfield

Once he hands out the key, players can use the vents to get inside her room and get a piece of evidence from the plant. Confront Radcliff to get the Archival Code.

How To Get The House Of Va’ruun Archival Code In Starfield

use the intercom and switch the light in starfield

Get to the House of Va’ruun Embassy, which appears to be destroyed and filled with overgrown plants. Bal’mor cannot be seen anywhere, but he does try to communicate through the intercom. Switch the power using the switch near the intercom to activate one part of the Embassy.

defeat robots and speak with house of varuun ambassador in starfield

After that, players will need to repeat the process multiple times in addition to fighting Robots and Turrets in Starfield. Eventually, Bal’mor will appear deeper inside the Embassy. Speak with him to get the House of Va’ruun Archival Code.

How To Get Terrormorph Data In Starfield

collect terrormorph data in starfield

After acquiring the two Archival Codes in Starfield, return to the Deputy and chat together to receive the UC Archival Code. Now, head to the Armistice Archives and speak with the woman behind the glass.

get uc citizen id in starfield

Next, insert all three Archival Codes in their correct place to enter the Archives and get the Terrormorph Data. Give the Data to Hadrian who thanks players and reveals that the new base is on Mars. The final step in the Friend Like These Side Quest in Starfield is following Deputy Macintyre to receive a UC Citizen ID.

Starfield is available now on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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