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  • In Upload Season 3, Nathan faces the possibility of his renewed digital life ending at any moment, while he and Nora continue to tackle the Freeyond conspiracy.
  • The season will feature two versions of Nathan: the living one and the backup file in Lakeview, adding a split path to his romantic life and potentially resulting in fans shipping for Ingrid.
  • Upload Season 3 will offer a mix of joy and drama, with images showing Nathan and Nora enjoying a stroll, Luke revisiting fond memories, and Nora potentially working for Choak Enterprises to expose Freeyond.

This October, viewers are heading back to Lakeview as Upload returns for Season 3 on Prime Video. Set in a tech-centric society, Upload follows Nathan, a man who died and now resides in a digital afterlife where everything should be idyllic. But life and death have other plans. Ahead of the two-episode premiere on October 20, Entertainment Weekly and Prime Video have released a new round of images from the upcoming season.

Upload Season 3 picks up in the immediate aftermath of Nathan’s (Robbie Amell) download causing a nosebleed, a dangerous sign considering the last time someone was downloaded, their head literally exploded. So, Nathan now faces the very present possibility that his renewed life could end at any moment, without warning. Meanwhile, he and Nora (Andy Allo) are officially a couple, and they will continue to tackle the Freeyond conspiracy. On the Lakeview side, a backup copy of Nathan now resides in the afterlife, which Ingrid (Allegra Edwards) uses as a second chance to give her and Nathan a happy ending.

The latest images tease a season that will offer just as much joy as it does drama with some of the most pressing issues at hand. On the happier side of things, one image centers on Nathan and Nora as they take a stroll through the city, smiling and holding hands. Back in Lakeview, Luke and Aleesha seem to have a moment of calm between them as Luke revisits what are likely some of his better memories. With so much at stake this season, everything can’t be all laughs, as another image sees Nathan at a place called The Temp Temp Agency, and he doesn’t look at all thrilled to be there. The final image features Nora sporting Choak Enterprises attire. While we don’t yet know the specific reason she would be working for the company, it’s possible it will be part of her and the Ludds’ plan to expose Freeyond.

Nathan (Robbie Amell) and Nora (Andy Allo) hold each other in Upload Season 3
Image via Prime Video

‘Upload’ Season 3 Will Focus on Two Lives for Nathan

As mentioned, Upload Season 3 will feature two Nathans — the living one and the backup file in Lakeview. When speaking to Entertainment Weekly, series director and executive producer Jeffrey Blitz teased Nathan’s double life when it comes to romance. Blitz said that the second version of Nathan creates a “split path” that adds to the fun of the season. He also shares that while Nora and Nathan will have their time to shine, there’s plenty more to come with Ingrid: “I am very curious if, by the end of season 3, there are lots of people out there who end up feeling like one of the great pleasures and torments of the show is that they may end up shipping as hard for Ingrid as they do for Nora.”

Upload Season 3 premieres its first two episodes Friday, October 20 on Prime Video. New episodes release weekly in pairs every Friday, with the season finale on November 10. Check out the new images below:

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