Players will find themselves fighting for their lives from the very moment they’re dropped into the world of Krat in Lies of P. There are so many dangers around each corner with an array of punishing robotic puppets just waiting to pounce. Some of the areas players will need to trudge through are claustrophobic and filled to the brim with enemies, making it difficult to get a breath in between each combat encounter.

Because of this, players may find themselves looking to pause the game for a moment to come up with a strategy or equip items in order to have a better chance of survival against some of the more imposing baddies. Unfortunately, pausing the game in Lies of P isn’t nearly as straightforward as other releases. Here’s all players need to know about accessing menus in the Soulslike release.

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Can You Pause The Game In Lies Of P?

Lies Of P Can You Pause Example Strike

Sadly, pausing the game in Lies of P isn’t truly “pausing.” Players will not be able to “freeze time” as is traditional with some other releases. Accessing menus, even the settings menu, will leave players exposed to enemy attacks. This can be quite a headache, especially for those who are looking to change some in-game settings or access certain items in their inventory. Of course, it acts a bit like an anti-cheese device by keeping players from accessing and swapping items on the fly when engaged in combat, severely crippling the utility they have with their currently equipped items and abilities.

To mitigate this lack of pausing a bit, the game allows players to access a variety of belts and quick slots, where they can place items to quickly access during combat. Unfortunately, this means players will need to do all of their planning and setup beforehand and should only be accessing their menus when at a safe haven or in a place they know is completely devoid of enemies.

Thankfully, Lies of P does feature a robust auto-save system that will save at practically any change that players make, or any Stargazer they activate or use. Because of this, it’s recommended that players navigate to the game’s options menu and then exit to the main menu if they need to “pause” for an extended period of time. That said, there are certain areas in Lies of P that are completely safe from enemies, and it does appear that activating a Stargazer and sitting on the menu does seem to be as close to “pausing” as possible.

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