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  • The Ultimatum Season 1 features couples giving each other ultimatums to either get engaged or break up, and ends with Madlyn and Colby getting married and expecting their first child.
  • Madlyn and Colby Kissinger from The Ultimatum announce the birth of their son, Conrad Lloyd Kissinger, on Instagram, and express their joy and gratitude.
  • April from the same season, who broke up with Jake, gives birth to a baby girl named Mila Aven with her boyfriend, Cody Cooper, fulfilling her dream of becoming a mother.

The Ultimatum Season 1 shocked audiences with its premise when it premiered in April 2022. Six couples enter the show with one partner giving another an ultimatum. Either they leave the Netflix show engaged or they break up. Hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey explained their relationship went through the same situation that led to them getting married. The couples break up, date each other, and then do a “trial marriage” with another cast member. The trial marriage means they’ll be living together. The process then has the original couples do the same, and the finale had everyone choose to break up, get engaged, or leave with their new partner.

Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger revealed they met in college at a bar where Colby worked. “I’m ready for marriage,” Colby said in the first episode. “I’m 100% in. I’m ready to propose to Madlyn. I just wanna be known as her man.” They’ve been dating for one and a half years at this point. Madlyn said she loved him, but wasn’t ready for marriage. The season ends with them not only getting engaged, but married! The reunion showed Madlyn seven months pregnant with their first child, Josie.

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Madlyn and Colby Kissinger of The Ultimatum Have Baby Number 2

Madlyn and Colby Kissinger get married holding hands on 'The Ultimatum'
Image via Netflix

Madlyn posted a series of pictures on Instagram announcing the birth of their son, Conrad Lloyd Kissinger on September. The first picture shows the new parents lying in bed with the new baby. The second shows Madlyn breastfeeding the newborn in the hospital bed. The third picture is of little Conrad swaddled. “Conrad Lloyd Kissinger,” reads the caption. “Welcome to the world! Ours is even brighter now because of you. God is so good!”

April Marie Melohn from the same season commented, “PRECIOUS Congrats Kissinger family!” She gave an ultimatum to Jake Cunningham. The season ends with them breaking up and him pursuing a relationship with cast member Rae Williams. April spoke openly about wanting to have children. Her dream later came true. She gave birth to a baby girl named Mila Aven with her boyfriend, Cody Cooper this August.

Madlyn describes herself as a breastfeeding advocate and sometimes shares pictures of her feeding her children. The couple quickly became parents after their marriage and opened up about that adjustment in a previous Instagram post. “Barely a year into marriage and still learning how to love each other better every day…we are also navigating our new roles as parents,” she wrote. “While I don’t think we could have a more calm and patient baby, parent hood has still come with quite a few challenges, therefore growth. There was ALOT of crying (mostly Josie) a few arguments (mostly me) and more laughter and joy than I thought possible. In the past two weeks we learned a lot, we lost a loved one, we received both good and bad news, we listened to the ocean, we celebrated with relatives, and we got to know and love each other even more deeply.”

The Ultimatum Season 2 once again showed couples deciding to get engaged or break up. Couples also talked about whether they want to have a baby soon. Lisa Thorne and Brian Okoye left the show early when they found out she was pregnant. She has since given birth to a boy named Mason.

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