• Destiny 2 players have discovered a bug that allows them to apply exotic perks to legendary weapons through crafting.
  • Bungie is not rushing to fix the bug and instead plans to reset the weapons in the future.
  • This bug may have an impact on the Trials of Osiris, potentially leading to chaotic gameplay with enhanced weapons. Bungie will intervene if the situation gets out of hand.

Leading into Trials of Osiris weekend, Destiny 2 players discover a way through crafting to apply exotic perks to legendary weapons and Bungie isn’t rushing to fix the issue. Bungie is no stranger to unique bugs infiltrating Destiny 2 as the franchise itself has seen plenty over the near 10-year span of the franchise. These have ranged from mostly harmless visual bugs to more game breaking issues many of which have been caused by Telesto.

One of the more infamous bugs that was intentionally left unchecked was with the Prometheus Lens exotic trace rifle, which launched with a bug that increased its damage and made it’s time to kill incredibly quick. Because of the issue, Prometheus Lens was used in about 98% of the old Trials of the Nine Crucible matches that weekend and became responsible for around 90% of the total number of kills as well. While the bug was eventually squashed after that chaos filled weekend, Destiny 2 seems to be in the midst of another chaotic filled weekend as a new weapon bug gives players more power than Bungie intended.

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Over the past day, Destiny 2 players have discovered a glitch when crafting weapons, allowing them to apply any craftable exotic perks to legendary weapons. While plenty of examples have appeared online, YouTuber Destiny Bulletin showed off how this works by applying the Screaming Swarm intrinsic trait from Osteo Striga to the legendary IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.3 while crafting. Currently, the bug only lets players do this to exotics that can be crafted, so the pool of available perks is somewhat limited, though players have already found more than a few interesting weapon builds. In fact, many players in the community have begun to worry what sort of chaos this might unleash inside Trials of Osiris this weekend, especially with the prospect of facing enhanced 1 shot bows with exotic perks now.

Naturally, it wasn’t long before Bungie caught wind of the issue, though they took a surprising stance on the matter. Instead of issuing an emergency hot fix or simply disabling Trials of Osiris, Bungie instead clarified that it was working on a fix and plans to reset these weapons in the future. For now, players were instructed to have fun and that Bungie would only intervene if absolutely necessary such as things going too far off the rails to the point where the health of Destiny 2 would need to be protected.

The fact that Bungie isn’t rushing to correct the bug may have surprised more than a few players considering what sort of chaos it may unleash over the weekend. However, it mirrors a similar, yet less impactful, bug currently happening in the Crucible. After the introduction of the Multiplex map in Season of the Witch, players discovered that they could summon their sparrow vehicle, something which typically isn’t allowed in the Crucible. While not an intentional addition, Bungie admitted that players were having fun with it, so the bug wouldn’t be fixed right away.

Destiny 2 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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