Legion Arms are special additional weapons that players can use to battle their enemies in Lies of P. Here’s how to craft them.

It may seem deceptively simple from the outside but Lies of P features a rich and robust combat system. There are many mechanics for players to master and multiple ways for them to do damage to their enemies. Players can attack with weapons, use Fable Arts, throw items, and make use of the Legion Arm accessory. The Legion Arm can be particularly useful, with multiple Legion Arm types that will give players an additional edge against their foes.

While players are given access to a couple of Legion Arms throughout the start of the game, they’ll need to craft more if they want to increase their arsenal. Unfortunately, crafting these weapons takes a bit of time and players will need to down at least two major bosses before they’ll have access to the necessary tools to make and upgrade these powerful sub-weapons. Here’s a look at how to craft and upgrade Legion Arms in Lies of P.

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How To Unlock Legion Arm Crafting And Upgrading In Lies Of P

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In order to upgrade Legion Arm Crafting and Upgrading, players will first need to find and rescue a man named Venigni. He can be found near a Stargazer inside the Venigni Factory in Area III. Players should interact with him and exhaust his dialogue, where he speaks about losing contact with his personal butler. From there, players can continue through the factory and into an area where they will need to face an imposing fire-based boss called xxx. By defeating this hulking robotic, they’ll gain access to a path that leads behind the factory and a new Stargazer. After activating the new Stargazer, players can return to Hotel Krat, where they will find Venigni and his assistant butler across from the Weaponsmith.

Venigni’s arrival brings some changes to Hotel Krat, along with a new machine (to the left of the NPC) that will let players craft and upgrade their Legion Arms. To craft a new Legion Arm from the available choices, players will first need to find a Legion Plug. Each Legion Arm has its own grades for scaling in Motivity, Technique, and Advance. Players will also have access to three upgrades for each Legion Arm that can affect and augment the way they behave.

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