A while back, Fortnite introduced its players to Gold, an in-game resource that they could use to purchase services from NPCs, reroll Augments, and acquire vending machine items. Everyone has access to gold, but it’s impossible to buy – it must be earned.

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An item added in Chapter 4 Season 4 made it much easier for players to collect gold, but they must understand how they can farm it first. Thankfully, this guide will show players how they can easily farm as much gold as they would like in Fortnite so that they can then take advantage of it and buy themselves tons of useful items and Augments.

Shield Breaker EMPs

using the high voltage augment to receive shield breaker emps

With the release of Hotfix v26.00, Shield Breaker EMPs were added to Fortnite. This item makes it possible for players to bypass stronghold security by compromising electronic devices, but there are other ways that they can be used in Fortnite, which is what makes them so useful when it comes to farming gold.

Gamers can find Shield Breaker EMPs as floor loot and inside chest containers and Heist Bags. They can be found in stacks of three, and players can hold up to six Shield Breaker EMPs per inventory slot. Alternatively, players can also collect tons of Shield Breaker EMPs by activating the High Voltage Reality Augment, as they will immediately gain some Shield Breaker EMPs, and they will receive even more for taking down enemies.

The various Throne’s Strongholds around the map are the best places to farm Shield Breaker EMPs and, consequently, gold since gamers can find lots of Heist Bags there as well as Low Card guards that can be taken down for Shield Breaker EMPs once players have activated the Augment.

How to Farm Gold

Since Shield Breaker EMPs can disable any type of electronic device in Fortnite, they can break vending machines, allowing players to retrieve tons of gold from them.

Each time a player throws a Shield Breaker EMP at a vending machine, it will malfunction and a stack of gold bars will pop out of it. These stacks can have up to 150 gold bars, so the more Shield Breaker EMPs the player throws at the vending machine, the more gold they’ll be able to get their hands on.

As of update v26.10, this trick still works, but it may be patched in the future, as it allows gamers to easily max out their in-game gold.

Fortnite is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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