There’s plenty to do in Fae Farm, but players looking for the coziest experience will find themselves wanting to set up a farm that’s efficient and pretty all at once. Farm is in the name of the game, after all, and players can plant a wide variety of fruit, trees, vegetables, and even flowers that can combine to create new and interesting combinations that the townspeople love.

Gamers that have previously enjoyed Stardew Valley will quickly become familiar with Fae Farm‘s farming mechanics, but the two games have several subtle differences that players should be aware of before they start preparing their fields.

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How To Plant And Harvest in Fae Farm

Fae Farm crop beds and sapling

During the game’s tutorial, players will get nine turnip seeds for free, introducing them to the game’s farming mechanics. Like most crops in the game, turnip seeds can be planted in basic soil beds that are crafted with one silt, one sand, and one beech log each. Players must approach the soil beds, click to equip their desired seeds, and click again to plant them. The crops must then be watered daily – though players can have a day off from this duty if it rains.

Crops in Fae Farm grow a little bigger every day, with each seed needing to be watered for a specific number of days before it’s ready to harvest. For turnips, this is four days, but others can take upwards of 12. On the crop’s ‘final’ day they will immediately grow to completion after being watered, and players can click them to harvest.

As players progress, however, other crops and plants are grown in different ways.

  • Trees – Enter the build catalog and place a sapling manually. It will grow without needing water.
  • Wild grass – Craft a wild grass patch with five silt, five rough citrine, and three bug juice
  • Grass – Craft a fodder grass patch with five mulch, five rough peridot, and three shell bits
  • Flowers – Craft flower soil beds with one oak log, one silt, and one mulch.
    • Be sure to leave a space between planted flowers for new ones to grow.

How To Get More Seeds in Fae Farm

Fae Farm holly's seed shop interface displaying bean seeds for 12 florins each

The nine turnips grown in the tutorial are all well and good, but a real farm should have plenty of variety and fields full to bursting. Players should head to the town center where NPCs like Holly, Willow and Rosalind all sell seeds. It’s worth noting that some of these can’t be bought until the player’s farming level has reached a certain level, however.

Players should be careful when buying new seeds, though. Just like Stardew Valley, any crops planted in Fae Farm will die immediately if they aren’t finished growing when a new season begins. Hovering over seeds in the merchants’ stocks will show how many days of water they’ll take to harvest, and the season they’re best suited to – but even if a seed can be grown in any season, it will die if it’s not ready as the seasons change. Fertilizer should be bought and used to avoid this, as it speeds up the growing process.

Fae Farm is available now for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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