• The Coalition of Planets, briefly mentioned in Season 1, will be a major subplot in Invincible Season 2, leading to the introduction of more characters and subplots.
  • Invincible Season 2 will expand upon the universe and show hints from Season 1, including the Coalition of Planets, which will be visually depicted.
  • The upcoming season of Invincible will push boundaries further, with a hiatus after the first four episodes to allow fans to fully digest the epic events that unfold.

With Invincible season 2 on the horizon, fans look forward to seeing what lies in the show’s universe. Showrunner and graphic novelist Robert Kirkman revealed that minor details from season 1, like the Coalition of Planets, will be expanded upon in season 2 to the point where it will be a major subplot.

Kirkman revealed that the Coalition of Planets, mentioned by Allen the Alien in season 1’s last scene, will be featured much more in Invincible season 2. He added that their inclusion will lead to more subplots and more characters being introduced into the show’s upcoming season.

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Kirkman told Entertainment Weekly that the Coalition of Planets will also be something viewers see for themselves in Invincible season 2. “Season 2 overall represents an opening of the universe, an expansion of the universe,” Kirkman said. “There were hints of things that are going on in season 1, and we’re actually going to get to see those things. The Coalition of Planets was mentioned in season 1. The Coalition of Planets is something that we’re actually going to see in season 2. And there’s larger things on Earth. There are different factions, different villains, different things happening.”

Though they were briefly mentioned by Allen the Alien, he gave some pretty important details about it. The Coalition of Planets was formed to stop the Viltrumite Empire once and for all. The Viltrumites have tried to expand their influence across the universe by taking over planets under the guise of improving them. However, it’s a tyrannical society hoping to control everything and everyone. Nolan Grayson, aka Omni-Man, was a Viltrumite assigned to take over Earth but abandoned his mission when he realized how much humanity changed him thanks to Mark. Indications are that fans won’t see Omni-Man much in Invincible season 2.

Though Earth managed to avoid disaster once Omni Man deserted Viltrum, the show made clear it was only the start of something even deeper long-term. The show has already given hints of how epic things will get when it revealed its first details for season 2. Most notably, Invincible season 2 will go on hiatus after its first four episodes so fans can fully digest what happened. That would seemingly promise that Invincible, which thrived off of crossing lines that previous superhero media wouldn’t dare to do, will continue to push its boundaries further.

The Coalition of Planets won’t be the only subplot that will get expansion in season 2. It’s been confirmed that the hero Shapesmith, a shapeshifter exposed briefly in season 1, will also be expanded more in season 2. The show has already expanded on Atom Eve in the special that came out in July, which showed a completely different side of her, so fans should trust that they will handle these plotlines carefully.

Invincible season 2 will premiere on November 3, 2023.

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