• A Pokemon fan has designed a new form of Heracross that could pass as an official evolution.
  • Fans have been hoping for new forms for Heracross, and some have taken matters into their own hands by creating their own designs.
  • While there is a desire for Heracross to expand its evolution line, it is uncertain if and when a new form will be introduced in the Pokemon franchise.

A Pokemon fan has designed an incredible new form of Heracross that could easily pass as an official evolution for the fan favorite Bug/Fighting-type Pokemon. Heracross was first introduced in the Generation 2 Pokemon games, Pokemon Gold and Silver, and has been a mainstay in the franchise ever since. Heracross has been featured in nearly every other main series Pokemon game, and it has also made multiple appearances in the Pokemon anime series.

Heracross is easily one of the most popular Bug-type Pokemon in the franchise, and so it’s no surprise that Game Freak gave it a Mega Evolution. Mega Heracross is quite formidable and boasts one of the more striking Mega Evolution designs. Some fans have been hoping to see other new forms for Heracross, though nothing has been introduced just yet.

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While fans wait for Game Freak to introduce new official forms for Heracross, fans have taken matters into their own hands. This includes Reddit user Acceptable-Syrup6230, who designed an impressive new version of Heracross. The artist suggested that this Pokemon could be an evolution for Heracross with Galatlas as its name. One of the standout details of the creature is the literal universe it carries on its shoulders, giving the design an intriguing cosmic twist.

This isn’t the first time someone has dreamed up a new version of Heracross. Previously, a Pokemon fan designed a pre-evolution for Heracross that turned it into a smaller bug that walked on all fours. There seems to be a clear desire from Pokemon fans for Heracross to expand its evolution line. However, they may have better luck getting an alternate form of Heracross instead, whether that be a regional variant or paradox form.

Some Heracross fan art has taken that approach instead, designing new versions of the creature but swapping out its Bug/Fighting-typing for a different type. One notable example of this is the Ghost-type Heracross that a fan made last year that garnered over 7,000 upvotes on Reddit.

If a new Heracross form is ever introduced to the Pokemon franchise, the earliest it could happen would be the Generation 10 Pokemon games, barring any big surprise in the upcoming Indigo Disk DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The Generation 10 Pokemon games are likely years away, though, and even when they do come, there’s no guarantee that a new Heracross form will be part of the equation.

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