• Ship customization in Starfield lets players design their dream spacecraft using unique parts.
  • Fans have already created mind-blowing ships, including one inspired by the Pokemon Kyogre, showing the creativity and possibilities in ship design.
  • With a vast galaxy to explore and new discoveries to be made, players in Starfield are constantly finding new things, and ship building allows for endless genius designs.

One of the big appeals of Starfield is the ability to design and customize the perfect spaceship, and one player with a love for the Pokemon franchise demonstrates how broad the possibilities are by creating a ship inspired by the Legendary Sea Basin Pokemon, Kyogre. While obtaining the ideal spacecraft in Starfield demands the acquisition of specific perks as well as large amounts of credits, the amount of utility a decent ship can provide is certainly worth the money.

It goes without saying that ships are an essential aspect of Starfield, as players would have no way of reaching any of the game’s 1,000+ planets without one. Unlike some other games set in the vast expanse of space though, Starfield‘s ships are more than just a way of traversing the stars. Each one contains a fleshed-out, modifiable interior which allows players to use their ship as a mobile home akin to a space RV. Every craft can be outfitted with all sorts of weapons, cargo modules, engines, and more – and what’s more, they’re fully customizable, allowing fans to design their dream ship from countless unique parts.

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As is usually the case when such a mix of potential is dropped into the laps of the gaming community, players have already come out with plenty of mind-blowing ships both questionable and awesome in their designs. One Pokemon fan has recently shown off something a little bit different, with their carefully-designed spacecraft bearing resemblance to Pokemon Sapphire‘s box legendary, Kyogre. The ship was shared in a post on Reddit from the user banzailang, who explained in the submission that they design each of their Starfield ships to look deliberately like Pokemon. They include images of the ship from multiple angles, with the craft’s exterior accurately mirroring the standard color scheme of Kyogre while doing an excellent job of retaining the Legendary Pokemon’s features.

The potential for ship customization in Starfield is pretty much limitless, with the only real criteria being a ship’s ability to get off the ground and reasonably propel itself in space. Players have engineered some unbelievable ships so far, some of which take inspiration from other franchises and others which don’t even look like ships at all, but still manage to fly. Some great examples range from a replica of the Millennium Falcon in Starfield, to a ship that’s completely unbeatable by the game’s AI due to a hilariously wacky design.

Still, the massive galaxy of Starfield has no shortage of new things to discover, and even players who have been immersed in the game since early access aren’t at risk of running out of new things to learn. With the ship building mechanic clearly accommodating for almost any design that comes to mind, it’s impossible to say what genius ship models fans will come up with next.

Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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