Hostile Intelligence wastes no time sending Starfield players into the heart of the worst Terrormorph outbreak in the Settled Systems. As dangerous as it is, it’s also the only way to get the samples needed to find the answer to stopping any further outbreaks from happening.

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The expedition into Londinion can be difficult for the unprepared adventurer, but it also offers some of the best gear players can get in Starfield. Here’s a quick guide on how to finish this climactic act of the UC Vanguard quest line.

Starfield: Hostile Intelligence Guide

The quest starts as soon as players rescue Kaiser in the War Relics quest. After speaking with Hadrian in the Red Devils HQ, she’ll say that the key to stopping more Terrormorph outbreaks is to go to Londinion, the site of one of the worst attacks in the UC’s history. Luckily, a detachment of UC troops is already stationed there.

The mission is as follows:

  1. Report to Commander Hatoum at Forward Base 411 on Toliman II
    1. (OPTIONAL) Gear up at the armory
  2. Clear the Processing Plant
  3. Gather Acele samples
  4. Reach the spaceport via the steam tunnels
  5. Kill the Terrormorph in the steam tunnels and collect its sample
  6. Kill the Terrormorph Anomaly in the spaceport and grab its sample
  7. Discuss all findings with the team

The processing plant in Starfield's Hostile Intelligence quest

This quest is fairly straightforward. All objectives are clearly tagged with quest markers, and the map itself is linear to a fault. Before diving into the Processing Plant, it’s highly recommended that players visit the armory first. Here, they’ll find the UC Antixeno Spacesuit along with a plethora of extra weapons and supplies. The suit is designed to defend against aliens, and players will need all the protection they can get.

Toliman II’s environment is frigid, and players might get afflicted with Frostbite as they run through the mission. Bring some Heal Gel to quickly get rid of this negative status effect. A few of these may spawn in the supply areas found in between big fights.

From here, it’s all about blasting Terrormorphs and the fauna they control. Terrormorphs are incredibly resilient, but they appear to be weak against Energy and Explosive damage. Laser or particle weapons with incendiary rounds deal incredible sustained damage to Terrormorphs. Land mines are very effective against them as well.

A mine field for the Terrormorph Anomaly in Starfield's Hostile Intelligence quest

The only real area here that can possibly throw a wrench into a player’s run-through is the fight at the spaceport. The Terrormorph Anomaly is significantly larger and tankier than any of its more common brethren, and it has the ability to summon more aliens into the fray. Before reaching the opposite side of the spaceport, players should plant every land mine they have in their inventory near the quest marker so they can take a good chunk of the giant alien’s HP before the fight even begins.

Anti-Gravity Field is arguably the best power to use here as it can suspend multiple incoming aliens at once. It’ll help keep the pressure away from players as they focus their fire on the giant Terrormorph. Once it’s dead, head back to Forward Base 441 and speak with the team. This will lead to the final part of the UC Vanguard quest line.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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